What is it that we are meant to do here?

What is it that we are meant to do here? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Why would you ask it? Is the answer important or is it the journey that is the key to the experience? There are many situations in life that is placed before us to bring knowledge and understanding and dependent on your views and beliefs – the purpose of that information gathering determines the total outcome. There is no right or wrong, better or worst – true acceptance of what occurs to bring peace into each moment that allows a beautiful empowering and rich experience in your life.

One of the important things to understand is that it is life is not on a set path; sure the destination may be the same for all of us however the journey is dependent on each individual and the choices they make, what they accept into their lives and what they allow to affect them. With all the intense actions and energies that move around our planet it can become overwhelming at times. However there are factors in your soul growth that help bring down the veils of awareness that your current incarnation has and as you learn about them it brings empowerment and hope back into your heart not only individually but collectively.

We all have the innate knowledge and that is because at soul level you may have learned about them in various ways.  Humanity attempts on a daily basis to make things fit into boxes, provide labels and in doing so create limitations to the expansive potential that each and every one of you have so we strongly encourage that you do not use the varied steps as a possible tick box of accomplishment. However we do encourage that expanding your awareness to encompass infinite possibility and opportunity to embrace all things with no limitation.

We are all Spiritual beings having a Human experience and how this statement means to you is your own acknowledgement. As you become more aware of your expansive state of unlimited possibility then you learn to adopt practices of acceptance not only with Self expression and manifestation but with how you perceive others and their journey. As you allow more and more to occur in your life then you soon learn the reasons for your moving from moment to moment, situation to situation. The inherent knowledge that you have the freedom to choose all aspects of life can be overwhelming as it is a lot easier to place responsibility on something external to you. But when you realize that you are the driver for the facets of life that occur, then you can’t help but to improve situations that are for your highest benefit.

Life is not as harsh as we sometimes view so it is important that we work out what is truth and what is illusion. You have opportunity from the doors that can and will open before you, however it takes strength and courage to walk through. The door is open, lovely , because you are ready so what are you waiting for.

Destiny awaits you always – it is what you allow and what you resist that determines how things are brought before you. Take a moment to take a quiet look around you at the signs and synchronicity that is show you the lighted path before you.

The best way to find out the answers for your purpose from moment to moment is how you follow your highest excitement. Remembering that nervousness has a very similar energy signature to excitement. The Fear is only an unrealised potential. It is when you work through that which takes you outside of your comfort zone that you walk closer and closer to your incarnations destiny.

At times I feel like a scratch record with some of the messages that flow through me, however on a global scale there is such resistance which is why we must counter the resistance with gentle repeating messages. Life is not such a mystery as we would be lead to believe. Open the book of your life and turn the page. Do you like what you see, do you like what you read, do you like how it makes you feel? If you do not, complete the chapter and move on to another that fills you with joy, honors you with happiness and lifts you with Love.

Much Love


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