Walking my Talk

I watch and see how people are all about seeking and learning and they bring in a lot of external knowledge to help them remember their own Self Power and ability to do anything that they put their minds too. Knowledge is a wonderful thing is it not ? However – what is the purpose of settling into a way of thinking if you are not DOING what you think – what you know – what you feel to be right for you?

We need to work through our conditioned life patterned behavior to bring things into alignment with the knowledge that we are either gifted or sometimes even pay for. Knowledge only benefits you , if it allows you to be your true self, walk your true path. Essentially walking your talk.

For those who know me, I teach a lot of things via the channeled wisdom that I am grateful to receive from Cheron – a beautiful group of life beings that share aspects of wisdom from a perspective of experience, understanding and sometimes simplifying the human condition – from a non human perspective (if that makes sense)  Now – what is the point of me teaching others a way – when I need to alter behaviours within me that matches this ‘way’.

It has taken practice but now I can honestly 95% of the time say – that I walk my talk – or for a better way of saying it – Honor the wisdom by doing the work needed to bring myself into an aligned wisdom human state.

Oh it has taken me 47 years – and there are days where I am completely human but Cheron has told me that is something to honor. I am allowed to be sad, disappointed ,angry, passionate, loving ,understanding, and to feel worthy. Wide array of emotions and expressions that I now share with those who are ready for me to share my emotional drive haha. It is not an easy thing for me to do but I have trained myself to open up – and release that which no longer serves, rather than be something that I no longer want to be – hiding from those who can help me. I have come to realise, just like me, people get pleasure out of helping another. Good family and friends know that it will be reciprocated if required.

So take time to think about the things you have taken on board as feeling ‘right’ for you – and if your patterned behavior does not match that which you know to be right – well – shake yourself and ask yourself

” Do I want to Walk my Talk”

Phoenix Paton©

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