Understanding the nature of the soul, there are humans have been seeking to work through why we have a purpose and what that purpose could be. To put it in simplistic terms, the soul is more than just what is walking on earth but also resides in the universal cosmic consciousness. The connection between the two is strong one way, but has a veil to the other. This is why Humans are unable to see clearly what is their soul purpose, what lessons they are to experience on earth, and what their task is for their souls experience. Your residing soul within the consciousness sees and experiences all that is going on with you while you are within the physical body on earth.   

Yes there was a predetermined plan for who would come into your life, what would occur in your life, and what major hurdles and lessons that was to be experienced. Although you can choose which path to take when they are presented to you, you will be guided to follow your Truth along the way, whether you are guided easily or coming out fighting and resisting. All things flow when the going is True. But as a human living this experience, you are allowed to wander off in whatever direction you desire. There is a certain amount of free will; however you will eventually be brought back to where you need to be for your Higher Soul to learn from.

Something for you to ponder:

There are variations of thoughts, opinions and ideas regarding thoughts on Souls and whether we make a decision to create certain experiences based on current Soul needs. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think we have a set plan or do you think that everything is random and you are taken on a journey of chance only?

Excerpt from Reflection to Realisation Program: Lesson One: Fully embracing your Soul having a human experience: Section A: Activity One

Phoenix Paton©

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