Trust in the process, to discover your Progress

It is very interesting that the energy of the time is all about moving into uncharted territories and really coming into Your own – the self that has been hiding away from the world and needs to be shown in all its perfections and imperfections (yes you have both and it is okay!)

Honor your humanism lovely people , especially during times of busy and chaotic energies of pureness for when you do not then you do not allow that which is conducive to your goodness!

Have absolutely no limitations because when you do you prevent what is perfect you! Our resistance for things can cause a cascading energetic effect that stops that natural flow of your chosen desires. Can you identify your potential triggers that cause you to stop moving forward or resist? If you hold on to that which no longer supports your growth then there is less energy involved in letting it go rather than holding on!

A very simple and common thing that I am hearing lately

“Trust in the Process “

and I am going to add the following to an eye rolling ‘trust in the process’ methodology;

“To discover your Progress”

Because the energies are so chaotic right now (are you feeling it?) now is not the time to play into the drama of others. You need to find the very things that balance and calm you. Remember what it is that brings you joy rather than immerse yourself in things that can take you away from your happy place.

Can you remember what it is that makes you happy. I had an experience with my six year old son today who could not remember what made him happy ( he was having a wee six year old tantrum and he becomes all histrionic and woe is me- he wears his emotions on his sleeve for all the world to see bless him) and eventually he could remember that he loved it when his mother tickles his back, that brought him a sense of calm – and his angry sad voice turned into calm gentle.

He found his sacred calm space, he found what made him turn his reactions and responses around and this is something to aspire too. Even myself I have felt things pulling me away from my happy space and you know what!  I owe it to myself to bring myself back but only I can do that!

You can do that too lovely, and regardless of what it is that is taking you in a different direction you deserve happiness, you deserve peace so remember what it is to be happy and at peace and it will help anchor you back into that space.


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