The Right Choice for You!

It really does feel as though life is constantly full of choice, down to what time we rise, what clothing to wear in the morning – all the way to  which job should we take, how do we change key parts of lives so that it matches our dreams? You would think that in time that we would become masters of this process but alas – a lot of the time we move at a whim, or we calculate best possible plan of action with least possible risk.

Ahh but is that where we go wrong?  We stop taking risks. We remain the comfortable zone both in patterns of behaviors OR in making life decisions because we focus on the ‘what ifs’ negatively rather than ‘ What Ifs’ – positively. We go through a cons and cons rather than a pro and cons and when did we seriously start doing that automatically? Through social conditioning?  Most likely a great part of it, yes, but in some way we have given over our Power in the power of Positive choice, over the the concern over loosing that Power. What a conundrum of a dance that has become!

So Our choices are made through subconscious happenstances, rather than pure conscious creation. Well I think we need to start to do more of the latter. The way to do this is through gentle progression in life with your eyes wide open, your heart filled with worth in Self and Life, and your Soul free to soar the wide open spaces of opportunity!

One of the most important person in your life is yourself yet we forget that day in and day out!  If you are a naturally giving person you really do forget to give to yourself first because from a young age you are told that is being selfish and you should let others go first. When it comes to ensuring that you have a healthy mind body soul balance you have to focus on self first before you give to others effectively. Ensure that you maintain your own boundaries, and taking care of yourself . Sometimes when life gets very overwhelming with the amount of things we have on our plate at one time – it is important to take a good look at things and see how you can.

Minimise Prioritise Act according to your own best interests.

When we do this it does feel as though we are letting something go along the way but in time you will get back to it. It will not be forgotten but very much learned from. We prefer you learn things the easy way rather than the hard way. Of course that choice is yours however keep things moving positively for you that is for your greatest good not detrimental to you.

Those things you need to sacrifice whether temporarily or permanently is not a sign of failure but obtaining a state of Self honoring and perseverance for your highest state needed right now! Trust in the process , believe that you are worthy of taking time to revisit your Self Boundaries so that all in your life marries up to that which you are worthy.

Have you ever felt a strong push either from within or without to move yourself further than you ever have been before? It can be quite overwhelming can it not but I received a message today not just for myself but for you all who may be going through this experience right now!

“This is your time , rise up to the moment , Trust this is better for all involved, yourself and those you reach – and know that you role ahead is only going to get bigger and bigger and the more your hold yourself back – the more you limit your potential”

I have mentioned a few times that the only way to move past your fear of progression is to walk towards the ‘wall of fear’ and either walk around it or knock it down!  The choice is always yours and if you believe that you have a person stand beside you as you do so – there will always be someone.

However the only one that see or view your ‘fear wall’ is you for ultimately it is an illusion you have placed there that can easily be brought down with strength and courage that Source knows that you have….otherwise you would not be at this point…

You only have to take one step at a time and as you start to see things unfolding freely around you. Watch the tiniest change, explore the gentle guidance, take those steps forward and if need be stop and observe.  Follow your heart, know your mind, explore through your Souls Eyes.

Phoenix Paton©

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