The Human empath

Ohhhh the joys of an empath !

Because we have so much going on in our lives right now, especially globally.

It is sometimes a challenge to just allow things occur without buying into the emotional effects that it can generate within all of us. Recognition of how you are feeling is BRILLIANT because you can start the process of asking yourself the following;

Is it mine? Is there something happening close to me? Is there something happening globally? Is there something happening cosmically ?

THEN once you have ascertained origin THEN you ask yourself

Do I want to join in the emotional wave? Do I want to observe only and remain clear in ‘what to do’? Do I want to approach this from a positive slant or a negative slant? Do I want to immerse myself in my own human response and just experience things from that perspective?

We seriously do have a choice in how we respond to many and all things in life… but first we need to recognise how we are feeling (for that makes us human does it not? Honor that by all means)

but then choose – make the choice that feels right for you at the time.

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