The Happenstance of Now!

The Happenstance of Now!

Are you feeling disjointed, disconnected, unhinged, emotionally unbalanced? At times feeling as though your chaotic thoughts are making you feel kind of crazy? I know I have and it has been extremely difficult for me to embrace my prefered chosen state at this time because my humanism said ‘ No way baby, you are feeling this and feeling it NOW!’

It is almost as though no matter what you do something attempts to move you into spaces of discordant arena’s. Breathe and recognise! The emotional roller coaster ride of what is, allows you the chance to pick from each experience and transmute this energy into something you want regadless of how bad things are making you feel. You just need to remember that you can do this.

If you are feeling the polarity of one situation/state and prefer not to be in it – ask yourself ‘ what can I do to move away from this’

Last night my emotions bordered on darkness and I know to the core of me, I do not like that at all! I recognised this and in honoring my preference I took a deep breath and leaned on the very things that lifted me up into energies that I prefer. For me it is listening to music, looking at beautiful art, being around people that make me laugh and rest quietly or even connecting to the beautiful Source energies that work with me! Even if I manage to feel that peace state briefly it allows me to halt the progression of negative respite!

Personally for me although I have had some challenges and huge human ones in the last 5 weeks I get the feeling that something expansive is occuring universally at this time

During my humanistic weeks there was a moment where I felt a huge cosmic expanse occur that because of this has turned a great many worlds, planets, dimensions , energies on its axis and that was to allow us the opportunity to provide the shake up need it to start to view the world in its entirety.

There is so much going on within our planet that can place people in states of turmoil, grief and despair  however  those same energies can be turned into opportunity, new beginnings and wonderment. There is a huge fine line between all our human emotions that it does not take much to make the difference of which type of ‘space’ you find yourself in during these times of upheaval.

Needless to say if you find yourself nodding at many of the things within this discussion – although you are feeling it at an individual level this is something that is happening globally , universally , consciously for all!

In recognition of this current growth phase that some of us are finding ourselves in we need to transmute this energy into something constructive rather than destructive. It is natural for humans to ‘fight back’ and for some that may be their only apparent answer but I challenge that.If you are surrounded by other’s drama then decide how you are going to act around it. See believe it or not, drama is okay, but treating others badly because of it is soooo not okay!

Internalize and work it out – not take it out – on others! We need to STAND back and recognise how we are being effected and act accordingly in ways that feels GOOD to you – sure it may not necessarily be something that comes naturally but why embrace that which feels bad to act bad to create more bad, when you know inherently you want that which feels blissful, perfect, peaceful empowering.

Our human core is super charged and activated so it is important that we honor this but from a Source/ Soul / Spiritual (whatever name you wish to call it), it is time to bring two into One.

Be your Truest state and remove your illusionary masks – let people see the true you! The true you encompasses both the HumanSoul !

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