The Choice of Collective Positive Momentum

I was asked a question today regarding Soul Purpose and paths and why we would possibly choose a life of extreme suffering or challenge.

Here is the response:

When we assess the atrocities of the world we do so from a human perspective and yes I do not like seeing what humanity does to the planet , the people and the life within it.

However if you take a look at some of the major atrocities in the world – they have almost all brought people together in some way shape or form – sometimes not for the better but it is a reminder that we seriously are all in this together – something we forget when we take on board the incarnation, buy in to social structure and supposed law and adopt the illusions that are playing around us on a daily basis

This is where we need to look at things from a Soul perspective – so to speak – that we really do choose certain aspects in life – yeah sure it is awful when young ones suffer as a human being but as an eternal soul – they wanted that experience for whatever reason – hard to fathom as a human being that be true – but it is what it is.

For example – perhaps you had in one life abundance of food, money and materialism – perhaps your soul wanted to experience the complete opposite and something in between. There tends to be certain themes that your soul wants to bring back to the collective consciousness.

From a Soul perspective they can remember the lessons and the experience but the emotion behind it is lost as soon as they return to Source. To be Human is to Feel

my man still cannot understand why I do not get as upset as I used to with the horrible things that occur – but I told him – when there are terrible shootings – isnt it amazing how the whole world comes together to send healing

what REALLY needs to happen is to have these waves of positive healing and love sent WITHOUT atrocity – this is what those who are aware need to consciously and collectively do – then hopefully our need to suffer will decrease the more we evolve


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