Taking ownership of your own change

We owe it to ourselves to explore and determine that ‘action’ state of change where we move into areas that we are feeling a push towards. It is not always easy to determine what it is which tends to be the most frustrating thing at the start, but the trick here is to take a breath and immerse yourself into something creative to gather momentum over time.

Over the many years that I have been reflecting, writing and exploring and one thing for certain, we are all changing, whether we want to or not. The ‘shifts’ of various sizes and influences on our lives are always present from moment to moment. We do get caught up in destination rather than the experience itself. That is what we owe to ourselves, to explore that which helps ‘me as the individual’ go deeper, explore wider, and go into that ‘big picture’ state that influences myself and those around me.

We owe it to ourselves to break certain inhibiting patterns within ourselves because it makes way for amazing experiences to come into our lives, we just need to ensure that we do not get consumed by the feeling that ‘something is missing’ or that ‘something big is coming’. During this time we should Rest , relax – re-evaluate – be – enjoy – have fun – be creative.

Many people have this innate belief that to ‘shift’ is to ‘be’ somewhere different. That is not necessarily the way. Huge energetic shifts can occur within you – and although some of you may not see the immediate change occurring in your environment, what you will feel is a domino affect revealing what it is you need to be doing ‘next’. No it wont be lit up in huge neon signs pointing a flicking arrow ‘this way’ on and off. But it will be that gentle understanding that all is going the way that it needs too at this time.

The other thing that I have noticed is that we all get these grandiose messages that huge changes or shifts are occurring on this date – or at that time, however this is a perpetual dance of ‘always’, not just during certain times, and there tends to be a collective ‘ oooo we are shifting’ moments which is lovely because it allows some form of collective allowance, thing is you can do it before, during or after the stated times given through the year.

We need not limit ourselves based on prediction, we should just go with the moment in our lives when it feels right and to truly and honestly identify when it is we are stagnant due to fear, confusion or discouragement. Shake that off when you can and remember that most of the time those energies are temporary and we need not remain in that state for terribly long. As a human being it is up to us to chose when to move away from feelings of discordant energy. Many times it feels like it is not up to us, but at the end of the day it truly is our life and we are creators of our own life story. Most of us forget that we are the magicians and to take responsibility for the changes in our lives.

It has taken me a long time to come to the realisation that if I remain in a calm state, then all that I desire and dream of truly does come into fruition if I avoid controlling the situation , keep changing my mind about what it is I wish for, and and avoid my thoughts of doubt and strong emotions of worthiness, inhibiting the universal flow.

You owe itself to go with your natural energetic flow of Now, and what it is you wish to generate more of. Sometimes it is reflection of how ‘wrong’ things are but this is not a state that I would recommend you remain for long because the Universe has ‘ears’ to the nth degree and you will get more of what you energetically ‘put out there’ – so to be honest – shift into that space of preferred being and in that way the ‘ears’ of the universe will act according to THAT energetic information to generate more of the same.

Phoenix Paton

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