Synchronistic Exploration

When I first started out my spiritual inner discovery there were many terms and definitions that I found myself exposed too, to explore and discern if they felt right for me. Terms such as Light-worker, Awareness , Ascension , Source, Consciousness, Enlightenment and Awakening to name but a few. As I explored I got less into the ‘name’ of something but more how it made me feel. The more I explored I soon realised that my definition and another’s could be very different dependent on the ‘search parameter’ of the individual. It did not mean I was right and they were wrong, it just mean that perhaps we had a different understanding and readiness and journey.

When I have questioned those who I admired and believed to be ‘above’ me in spiritual circles – how they responded to me was a learning curve. I learned also that if someone disagreed with me, it was entirely their right – it was not that they were ‘less than’ it was just that were exploring things in ways that they needed at the time just like I am. After being ‘put in my place being told I was ‘ not vibrating high enough to understand’ I bounced my little booty away from a space that did not match my chosen learning experience – although I did learn a lot!  That being ‘spiritual’ does not take you away from the Human condition of the Ego and the search for Power over others. Does this sound harsh?  Perhaps – however I will not buy into another’s desire to make me feel ‘less than’. I would never do that to another – so I will never allow it to happen to me. Do you?

The synchronistic experience have lead me to where I am today and I am grateful to be reminded that a) I am not alone and b) that I am always guided I just have to c) Be Aware of the Answers in Plain sight. The Spiritual terms that surround us , that come and go, that are brought in based on current understanding of ‘what is’ is fluid and interchanging. Always explore and allow things to grow. Just because one aspect has been steadfast and worked well for you at the start, it does not necessarily mean that it is perfect for your journey for all your lifetime.

How I am today , is not how I was 20 years ago. The core fundamentals of ‘me’ are but the knowledge base that I have acquired and what I can ‘access’ too is forever growing. The same can be said for All people. People see what I do – and state that they could ‘never do that’ – I challenge that statement always – for it was something that I said at the beginning of my exploration.

To Boldly Go where No ‘Current Me’ has been before (yes star trek nerd here). To push through that which I feel resisting my personal growth by

  1. A) Recognising

  2. B) Acknowledging

  3. C) Facing the associated emotions

  4. D) Moving through it

This honors both my Human me and Soul Me. Do what honors you by being the best you can be.

I did a connection to establish how we can Balance our Personal Life using Collette Baron Reid’s – The Enchanted Map


Seriously how do we manage – Life – with Self, Family , Work and in keeping it balanced. It always does feel as though one tends to rule rather than having a healthy balance. Essentially though, the pull to what is needed is based on discovering your calm amongst the chaos – in that way you can act with peaceful repose rather than Reacting in a way that is not based on your Truest state.

You can break things down into three areas;

  1. What is needed NOW

  2. What is needed SOON

  3. What can be discarded

Whether it be an emotion , an activity , a situation , a person it need not matter – just ask yourself. Do I need to do this NOW or can it wait? Is it for my highest potential?  Always choose harmony over that which is discordant even if the discordant is something that you have acclimatised yourself too. Does not necessarily make it right though now does it ?

Listen to Source Guidance with its many signs and synchronicities, and Trust in your own intuition. Your intuition is something that you should build up trusting. When was the last time when you wished you listened to that inner voice telling you to do or not do something?  Even if your intuition seems to be taking you on a wild goose chase, it will bring you to where you need to be at the time. Try not to second guess that which is needed at the time because your intuition sees a lot clearer than the ego-mind that can cloud your judgment.

Remember what you have learned over your many experiences, they were not just there to ‘be in’ but to also ‘learn from’.  Be open to new approaches rather than staying steadfast in a set way for wisdom comes from participation not just reading things from a book or from other peoples experience. Watch for the patterns for they are a sure sign that there is something to be learned here that perhaps you could have done ‘better’ last time. Open to changing your perspective especially during life’s chaotic times. That is when you need to fool your ego-mind into reaching for a new experience willingly. We do not need to understand why we have the things we have happening to us at the time , but we do need to look at the opportunities as they present themselves to us.

You will soon find the calm amongst the crazy as you become teachable to the lessons around you to keep your Personal Balance in Life.

Have a balanced week . Be the Inner Peace amongst the Outer chaos!


Phoenix Paton©

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