Shields and Boundaries

What is a good discussion to bring up from time to time are spiritual boundaries and self-empowerment.All of us are going to have unique experiences in our Human Soul life that make us wonder what is going on and how we can deal with it.

Over the years I have experienced the Light and the Shadow and both can have a tendency to overwhelm regardless of the energy type. Remembering that this is my realm, not spirits, are foremost in my heart and mind. Anything that is around me is there through my choice AND my responsibility.

So some questions to ponder and please answer if you are comfy….

One of the first things I ask people is – ‘describe your shield’ – and if they look blank at me going ‘huh what is shielding’ – then essentially I ask – what around you would make you feel safe. So what would your shield look like?

Then over a period of time – I ask – how would you strengthen it? – How would you know that you needed to?

Then as they build up their space around them – I then ask – what would they allow through their shields energetically?

What types of energy do you prefer and why? What experiences have taken you away from it? What methods do you use to realign yourself back to your preferences?

If I was to ask you to describe your ‘power tool’ what would it look like and how would you use it?

Something to ponder as we discuss your personal/spiritual boundaries over the week

I thought I would share my experiences over the years with regard to shielding and protection. I felt the need to do some ritualistic preparation over the years but I must admit that over the last few years – I know it occurs naturally almost like breathing so I do not do as much in the way of ritualistic shielding as I used too.

My years working in a hospital I believe at some point I created them thankfully to help me cope with the emotion, the spirits and with the diverse energies that I came in contact with. Someone mentioned shielding me years ago and I visualized an energy bubble around me of various sizes and colors dependent on my need. I know that sometimes when I feel things need to be revealed to others – my shield is mirror like 🙂

Sometimes my shields have been super impenetrable – other times is transparent and allows certain energies to flow in and out. All times my shields are based around my human soul dance that I have as me having this human experience 🙂

I strengthen this subconsciously when I am about to go to work, or I am having a very human time so I can remain as much in my preferred space as possible. Not always easy but when consciously aware of it I know I can tweak the type of shielding used.

I do not mind diverse energies but do prefer to work with energies of a higher vibration because of the current spiritual work that I do through channeling with my channeled friends. I only allow that for myself or my clients highest good to remain near me for a length of time. There were a few times over the last 20 years where an energy came near that I received what I call my spidey sense and sent them packing in a very vocal and energetic way. I always knew that I had the power to do this and have watched people give the power to spirit sometimes. Always reclaim it back for this is YOUR space always.

Usually, it is my human experiences that take me away from my preferred state so I always take full responsibility – a little too hard sometimes on myself hahaha.

 Hmmm my power tool was a clear quartz crystal that was gifted to me during an Akashic connection to help me keep a free flowing dialogue and energy exchange in the form of knowledge. I felt blessed and a little overwhelmed with this tool as I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me in my Phoenix life ha ha but it excites me.

Spiritual Shields in depth

So what exactly is a spiritual shield that some of use? Essentially they can be created consciously or subconsciously. I remember when I first started nursing some 30 years ago – yeap that long haha – for the first three years I struggled with the emotion, the sensations, and spiritual information that I was getting both intuitively and emotionally. It did threaten to overwhelm me and I did wonder why I was going home exhausted and emotionally drained after each shift. Somewhere I must have asked for help because it got close for me to quit being a nurse even though it was wanted I wanted to be forever!

So even if you are unsure how to create a shield around you – all you have to do is ask – and one will happen. In time you will learn how to manipulate it according to human life needs.

Shields are an energetic alignment that surrounds you / your home influencing what is allowed and what is not. Essentially shields are thought to keep away negative energies however that is only the tip of that iceberg – their role is to assist main balance within and around you. This complimentary practice should in no way diminish Your Strength in who You are – but definitely supports you in your Human Soul Endeavors.

We do not create shields through fear – we create them because we know what it is we want in life and how it may influence our life – a shield just potentiates your focus and creates a spiritual neon sign that allows You, Your Soul team, and any energetic influence that is attempting to view your Human Soul Space to respect Who. You. Are.

Shields come in diverse forms and strengths based on what it is you are needing at the time. Some examples of shields are

  1. Energy fields of various colors

  2. Bubbles of various colors and textures

  3. Surrounding yourself by your Soul team members as a form of first line ‘defense’ for want of a better word

  4. Creating walls of various heights and texture – this seems to occur during times of NOPE. May require some work to bring them down again if you are feeling encouraged to do so.

  5. Surrounding yourself with Angels / Ascended Masters / Totems energies once again determined by what is required at the time

  6. Some people create sacred spaces through the use of sound – ie drums, bells, crystal bowls

What can also be shielded is your home and you can do this through similar methods

  1. Energy Fields and Bubbles surround your home

  2. Salt / Clear quartz crystals in entry ways and windows

  3. Mirrors can be used strategically to deflect energy back to its owner.

  4. Some symbols help deflect some energies of your neighbors that you would prefer to do so

  5. Another thing I do is in a meditative astral state – walk around all the rooms shining my light in all the rooms. I did this especially when the kids were little and invited spiritual friends that I preferred stay away. I also walk the perimeter of my home sometimes although I know my Soul team has my back with this job but every now and then I feel the need too. I just trust my intuition on this one.

Your planet also can be shielded using similar techniques on a bigger scale – for there are no limitation on the size only on the intent and belief in them and what you believe you are capable of doing. Collective gathering of people with global shielding should be regular encouraged.

So what have you done with regard to your shields – have you experienced similar things with regard to them as mentioned above? Do you do something different?

Phoenix Paton©

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