Responsibility in Your Truth

Too many are not looking at what is the truth – they keep looking forward into the horizon expecting something to come to them – when in actual fact – it is there already – within

Why do you think the people of your planet always look away from themselves?

Why do you think the people of your planet always assign blame for what essentially they have allowed and given permission for either individually or globally?

Is it too hard to seek the truth that lies within that connects you to the innate wisdom that you all have?

Why is that?

Is it easier to assign blame in the event that something goes wrong – or is it healthier and more productive to take ownership that you may grow and develop?

We would think that nothing would change if you do not take ownership for your life fully even those in positions of power – they assign ownership for catastrophe to others and yet everyone does have some assignment of responsibility that causes the stones to ripple waters of a pond.

There is Honor in Truth – many have forgotten how good that can feel.

We hope that most of the people on your planet know – that Power is merely an illusion placed on the masses which eventually they will see.

Those in control – are in the minority – and yet the masses do not see their way out of it yet and more and more are realizing the truth behind the illusion but we wonder how you are all going to ensure the change occurs with honor and conviction rather than war and death.

It all comes down to what collective thoughts lead to collective actions to occur. You cannot reveal Truth through taking away the toys and not allowing them to play – you reveal the truth by allowing them to realize that you are all collectively limited if you do not align and balance.

Universal Perspective: Lesson Nine: Human Soul Potential: Section C: Activity 6



If I was to ask you to define your truth – what would it be? If I was to ask you to define Humanities truth – what would it be?

Who ultimately takes responsibility for what occurs in your immediate life?

Who ultimately takes responsibility for what occurs in Humanities progression?

Ponder your own answers before continuing

Being rather an existential comparison between Myself and Humanity and its definition of Truth, it does make me wonder if it is likened to the infinity symbol – where we have our own existence within an existence but meeting to a point where all becomes one Whole truth – I do wonder if the need to define the differences is required however I will honor the process and do so.

My own personal truth , very similar to Humanities to be fair, is that we are influenced by many things that can perceive our truths as being set in stone when in actuality , as we growth, the truth of each moment is based on how we are feeling, if it is in alignment with our passions, and how strongly the desire is to uphold them. This is why I believe personal truth to be a dynamic free flowing concept with a life of its own. However, I do believe that it requires our emotions, passions and desire fuel the fire for whether we can walk in our truth or not, dependent on what is going on in our lives at the time.

Humanities truth is shrouded by illusions from those people in supposed positions of power that we the people have bestowed upon them. If the collective consciousness decided that not to be so – then it would not. So then Humanities truth is based around a collective agreement of what is at the time. Still fluid and in constant motion and change, but once again based on the collective emotions, passions and desires that are current within humanity at the time.

I think for our personal lives we need to take full responsibility for what comes in and moves away from our current life experience. It is not always easy to take its full responsibility because many times we believe that we are influenced by a lot of external forces, however if we remain true to our desires, aware of our emotions and keeping in alignment with what we are passionate about, then life around us starts to mirror what is going on inside of us. We are the primary creators of our immediate life force and direction. Sure, sparks of interest may tweak us to move in a different direction however if we keep going back within, to determine f it feels right with us, then it should always remain true.

Once again – each individual within our human life experience as a collective plays a huge part in what we allow in current life, what we focus on, and what we buy into. There are social influences such as people in supposed power, social media and control, alongside family, work and personal life. However, we all have the power to cast the stones of change to create the rippling effect that will create tweaks in humanities existence and if more of us have a collective stone to cast then the change will most likely occur faster and without resistance. Surrendering to the potential that is Individual and Humanities Truth will eventually bring all together as one – as the infiinite number of possibilities create an infinite number of potentials

Phoenix Paton with channeled partner(s) Cheron…©

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