Release the Anchor to your Positive Momentum Forward

Yes yes yes

When the moment in your heart and mind is Yes – then the follow through from that is one of positive obtainment and growth.

NO no no – when the moment in your heart and mind is No – then of course it makes sense that you are going to stop block and refuse to go.

So what we challenge you to do and say – Yes in your heart Yes in your mind and remember this.

It is okay to acknowledge the negative moment forward as long as you are ready to believe in the Yes power and energy.

When you ride the wave of allowance instead of docking at the warf – the ease of travel is easier. If you stay anchored to something be it emotion, past, thought, and then it is discomfort that you feel is it not? Why not allow yourself to feel the wave of excitement as it fills you up – showing you the way forward.

When you put your hand up, like when you were a child to answer the teachers question, there is a moment of hesitation and yet excitement that you know the answer. The trick is to teach yourself to trust your insight – your inner voice – and to allow that hand to flow up to be counted, noted and heard.

There is beauty in all things that you have to give in the world and we wish for all those on your planet to do so in their way.

Some ways may be frowned upon, some ways are viewed as negative – any momentum is better than none at all.

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