Reading starting 9th Aug – 15th August 2019

This week it is going to feel as though there is a shining light that is permeating through all aspects of your life, not only attracting people to you – but also bring clarity and peace of mind as things progress. Even if things appear chaotic with all the energy that is generated from this bright energy that you are going to exude – you will be able to work your way through all that presents with ease this month. It would be very easy, however, to become overwhelmed with this so please commit to knowing and understanding and acting where you are directed to by your own intuitive voice and source guidance.

You will soon see that although there is some bureaucrazy – wow this a weird typo but bureaucratic crazy will try to make you jump hurdles that you will realize that is not entirely required so try and see a different approach, gather different people to help you identify a different method to deal with varied issues. There is a certain game we can play when our bosses, leaders of our community or even our government ‘rules’  dictate us to behave a certain way. Sure show them what they want to see, but once you have sealed an understanding or even a legal agreement, as long as you stick to the game – go about a situation the way you want it to. Does that make sense? Smile, nod, but do it your way anyway *laughs* of course within legal realms stick to the crosses and dots.

Nobody can make you feel a certain way unless you allow them to so do not loose yourself in the moment when you are bombarded by rules and regulations. Remember that light that shines from within you showing you another maybe better way of approach. Remember that Self honoring and loving yourself wholeheartedly can help a inner compromise as you jump through hoops with ease.

There is going to be a lot of learning this week and throughout the month and because of it you will find your voice and realise that on the surface, nothing is as it seems to be – and most of the time not as bad as we may think so stop – and think things through gently, calling on your own intuitive light to shed understanding on many situations that you find yourself in this month.

Some of you have also put something away for a rainy day, or there is hidden information that you need to seek that is going to also help many a process this week. Know that you are ready for whatever pops its head up to challenge you  and you are ready for it. Don’t let the human-silly cloud your judgement, let the light shine from your heart to take a breath and see the bigger picture of where it is you truly wish to move towards.

Enjoy the inner strength that will flow through you this month, you will wonder where it comes from and if you just learn to trust without knowing where it comes from, you will bound through august with confidence and an air of excitement of ‘what is next?’….

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘1 Roses – Commitment’

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