Reading starting 8th Nov – 14th November 2019

Sooo did you gather any exciting insights last week because of the observing and de-cluttering? If you did then you are on your way to reaping an abundance harvest where all your projects and designs are going to come into fruition. This is a great week to keep focused on what you hope to achieve rather than be concerned about what could go wrong. This is a great week where your Thoughts are powerful enough to create more in your life if you allow it.

You are going to busy bring some projects to a close but please be mindful of sowing more seeds for things birthed from what you have accomplished to date. This is an exciting week, and some of you may find that you will catch up with like-minded people or even old acquaintances that you have not heard from for a while. They will remind you of where you were and how you are now so take stock of just how far you have progressed.

If we were to give this week a description it would be one of warmth, hearth and home and the feeling as though everything was coming together. Sure you are going to work a bit to ensure that things come together nicely, but it will be worth it and your harvesting of knowledge, outcomes of projects and the willingness of others to help will be a wonderful change for many who have felt a little isolated doing all the preparation and tasks.

Felt the need to harvest from something we wrote 4 years ago – You can create amazing abundance around you if you believe in that. You work so very hard to ensure things in life are easier that you sometimes forget to just ‘allow’. When you release control of ‘how things are’ then you can trust in the power of manifestation. Always do what comes naturally for you – what you are passionate about and then you will find yourself in situations that match your chosen path.

This week try to find peace within your busy schedule and as soon as you do you will realize that you can have a healthy work/family/life balance. Enjoy everything that you do, and, in that way, you will continue to progress with ease rather than controlling the journey this week. Freedom to be You this week lovely. (full text here )

Once again you are being reminded that you do not have to do the work of others just to be accepted or to ensure that you stay on top of your own work load – do not do the workload of three – for you will eventually feel resentful and become unbalanced if you do this. Plus remember this week to do the things you love to do – passion is the key this week and if it does not align with your inner passion then you may need to ask yourself – “Why am I doing this?’

This is a beautiful week if you allow it to be so enjoy the abundance as it wishes to shower you with treasures beyond understanding.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled “ 4 of Forces – SPRING/AUTUMN”.

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