Reading Starting 7th Feb – 13th Feb 2020

Some of you may have noticed that there is a lot of change around you at the moment and not quite sure what it is that you are supposed to do during this time. Best thing to do when unsure is recenter, rebalance and be ready for a surge of energy that is going to assist with the momentum going forward. It is often difficult to move forward if we are directionless – we understand that – but during those moments of ‘almost’ (is that a feeling haha I don’t know) – is when you should catch your breath and focus on you for a moment.

This is not the time to be worried or concerned, because in the universal background everything is picking up around you and arranging the next step forward and your feelings at the moment are reminders to just take it easy on yourself in any way that you can. Anything that lifts your spirits or allows you to feel free and easy.

This is not the week to put any pressure on yourself, nor be hard on yourself because that seriously does not accomplish anything except frustration and annoyance. Both of those emotions are not productive in allowing you to move forward with ease. So, have you got a project – and easy one – that you just wanted to do for yourself this week because now is the week to do it no matter how busy you think you are? This will allow you to come back to balance and will then bring clarity into your heart and vision so that you can explore ahead easily.

For some it may feel as though things have flipped on its axis a little this week – thing is – this is temporary and will not be as awkward as things may feel this week. Try and remain centered and calm and you will move through this moment quickly.

So if you find that you are having a very odd week – some with chaos, otherwise with feeling a little wayward and lost – then do something fun to bring that creative juice back into your active life. Gosh we get sooo caught up in life and its stuff that we forget to play, don’t we? I can be the very first one that is bad at that, but it is important this year to have a balance of play and work in life *smiles*

There are going to be some amazing supportive people this week so allow them to bring you into their fun but avoid drama please. It won’t be fun at all. Let the good people in to support and those loyal to you will be telling you the same thing.

If you have delays in things this week – just take a deep breath and trust that everything is going according to plan and will fall into place soon. Will be interesting to see what the following week is going to be right – so stay tuned haha.

Remember to have fun in the sun (ooo just said this to someone the other day – seems to be a mantra atm) and allow the suns rays to bolster you – even if you are in the middle of winter at the moment. Connect to the energy of new beginnings and hope, exploration and bright clarity for it is on the horizon and closer than you realise as long as your impatient energies do not get in the way. We all have that type of energy because with excitement comes the need to wait which is frustrating – but your day will dawn soon lovely.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘BEITH- BIRTH 4‘  

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