Reading starting 6th Sept – 12th Sept 2019

Those of you who are willing to step out and doing something different that people will notice, this is a great week to present to those in positions of power to help them see a different perspective in something. You are being told not to sweat the small stuff this week – and although this does not mean big stuff is going to kick you to the curb – it is saying that you owe it to yourself to reach a state of calm acceptance than feeling sorry for yourself if something doesn’t quite go to plan.

This week is going to be a great one to have inspirational ideas and actions, and things will come for you, but you need to have an open mind, the willingness to receive and the strength to shed light on issues in your life that have been troubling you. You will not be able to bury your head in the sand even though you would like too. There are going to be some people that are willing to gently support you or even provide help in seeing something clearer if you are not paying attention. Do not be frustrated with them pointing out the obvious, be grateful – and in that way – it will promote more of the same during the week

Rest assured there are many things coming together to create that which you wish – but many of you just get in your own way – step outside of it please. Your ancestors and energies from Source are attempting to show you what it is you need to be doing, but we fill ourselves up with ‘stuff’ of nonsense in the form of confusing melodramas that only pose to create chaos. To be able to see the precious gems of information this week – you really need to take a moment – a breath – to allow clarity to flow into your awareness.

If you have been wanting to tap into your Higher beings whether it is of Self, or others – this is a beautiful week to do so for there seems to be a thinning of the veil between our world and the otherworld’s – explore – meditate – ask your question and observe for the answer.

I thought I would honor the words in the Akashic Tarot book, and I quote “With a deep breath you fill yourself with the grace and peace and light of your higher self. Your vision opens to a wider Universe. And you realise that you have all the time… and power… in the world. Eternity fills you.”

When I hear people say that they do not have time to do spiritual things because of A, B and C – I gently say to them – doing sounds like work – how about you just Be Your Perfect You and all things spiritual will flow into your heart, mind, body and soul – surrender.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled The Light of the World 10

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