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Wow with all that happened last week that may have felt like a bit of a reminder of how awesome you are; this is quite a lovely relaxing week if you allow it to be. Try to shake of any residual silly and let this week go with ease. There is a beautiful change that wants to surround you at this moment, so it is important that you do not resist. It really is futile (borg voice for those Star Trek fans like ha ha). Even if you think that there may be some turbulence this week you do not have to play a part in it and can truly just go along for the ride. As a follow on from last week – do not play a part in any of the human silly gossip for it will just unsettle you and perhaps others around you.

This week you may find that you have extraordinary energy so harness and do something with it. If you have been putting something for a while this is the perfect week to push through and complete it if not almost get it done.

What many people forget is their own personal power and you will have this in great amounts this week that you can transmute anything and everything into something of focused desire – so make it happen. No more blaming others for lack of progress – the responsibility for you to have a good week lies strongly on your shoulders and you can and will have this.

Do not let anyone make you feel less than competent to do anything this week because you have at your fingertips the chance and power to create magick especially if has to do around changing a situation, a shift in your body mind and soul to embrace all that is ready to gift to you – its treasures. Yes it will feel like a shakeup – a reminder of what you are capable of and if you have felt as though nothing you do is going right – well this week we want you to take those thoughts – put them in a balloon – blow them up – and let them fly away – visualise or actualize that and know that good thoughts will bring to you good things this week.

We are not asking you to fake it – we are asking you to remember what it feels like to receive goodness willingly. Even if that feeling is only for just a brief moment – it will allow the Universe to manifest accordingly. Every morning this week – take a deep breath and find something good to think about. If you cannot – then smile at yourself in the mirror as you brush your teeth. Yes, it can be as simple as that. Let the Universe do the rest huh. Relax and go with the energy flow that will surround you this week.

If you find all we are saying hard to believe, then find pictures of waterfalls or videos and watch them and feel that water flowing around you. Take a breath and close your eyes and know that all the human silly is being washed away. Then attempt to see the bigger picture of why things happen the way they do and feel that calm that comes with knowing that everything can and will be alright if you just relax and allow it to be.

Beautiful changes are afoot so are you ready to embrace it? Ohh sure you may wonder what is around that corner, don’t we all – what we forget is that we create what is there by our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. So get to creating beautiful people – make it perfect for you huh – because you deserve it…

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled “ Six of Forces ‘ The WaterFall’ “

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