Reading starting 5th July – 11th July 2019

If some things are not revealed to you this week because you are not paying attention then you are going to be struck by an spiritual four by two to make you realize things whether you wish to or not. This week will be a jump start also for many projects that you thought either were complete or just had run their course – ahh no. It has not and some tweaks will be required to help ensure that things progress productively and in a positive way. Try not to resist this because it is always nice to pat ourselves on the back when you feel like something is finished, but a job well done is a job worth doing and you have come this far to stop now.

Sunset and fellow photographer at the beach

Another thing that may occur with some people is the ‘loss’ of something and although that loss an make you feel as though there is a void within you , just know that when one door closes another one opens. This may take the form of a relationship, a job that you wanted, or even someone close to you moving on unexpectedly. Although I am not a huge fan of bringing news that can cause discomfort can I just say that it will not come as a surprise – that you had a feeling that something like this would happen , maybe not quite the way you thought but you knew something big in the way of change was going to happen.

You no longer have to hold your breath (as I hear a large collective sigh and a deep intake of breath) because you can finally deal with what it is you knew was coming. Yes, there may be some period of adjustment, but you are ready for it.

Another energy of this week is all about reflection and having things reflected back to you in a chaotic way that can create confusion. Try to step back emotionally from a situation so that you can take a really good realistic and honest look at a situation. Maybe things are not as bad as they appear on the surface orrr it may reveal an avenue for you to take so that you can rectify a situation that has presented itself to you. There is some beauty in storms – if you look at it from an opportunistic point of view – you can take lessons from things, you can see the energetic current and perhaps transmute that energy into something productive. One thing here – is do not buy into the human silly of others, just deal with your own, and with those close to you attempt not to be too reactive because they too are going through a shakeup of sorts.

Corn field during stormy day

In the workplace or even in family life, keep doing things that you know brings a little ray of sunshine in to lift yours and others spirits. Seriously, you do not have to play with the drama and the dynamic crazy of others (unless you want to of course) but determine what is yours and what is others. Do not own the energy of this time, just be like the eye of the storm, observing, consciously breathing and bringing clarity with the energy as it crackles and shines its lightning bolt to reveal your next step.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘8 of Forces ‘The Lightening Bolt’

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