Reading starting 4th Oct – 10th October 2019

Wow a card that has been coming up a lot lately for me, so it must be a common theme for me and many others that it feels as though you feel as though there is something on the horizon however that all things are up in the air and not really coming together. What you are being challenged to do is to listen to the signs as they are presented to you because they will be a cosmic push to move in a certain direction. Try not to question the ‘rightness’ of the action or especially the direction otherwise you will continue to step on one place and not make the motion forward. Something that has been frustrating many for a while.

You may find that you will have someone on board with you as you progress, and it is nice to feel as though you have someone that has your back especially when you move into something new this week. However, you may find that they will give you either good advice or provide the motivation to just ‘Do it!’

If you have someone in your life that you have thought was holding you back, even though you have respected their opinion for quite some time, you may have to buckle up buttercup because you are about to show them that you are more than ready to follow through irrespective of their opinion. You will get a huge sense of accomplishment when you see their look of potential disbelief in the way you managed to succeed this week. This could be something small or the beginning of something large. Just the fact that you are happier may be enough for this person to start to support you instead of being a ‘nay-sayer’.

I strongly encourage you this week to really see further than what you have been doing to date. There is something more for all of us, sometimes we just get so caught up in LIFE that we keep doing the fundamentals over and over and forget that we full of passion and potential. Remember that which brings you an excited spark – similar feel to Christmas Eve as a young child. Remember that feeling and put it into a situation that is going to generate more and more of that.

Do not be afraid of any work that is put before you this week, for you are well and truly up for the task but do not expect sudden outcomes but wait for the gentle reveal of what is next. Things will not move fast this week; however, you will get a strong sense of purpose and direction which is something you may have been waiting for a while now. This really is a big woohoo to be honest and will be the catalyst for things to come so relax and enjoy the moment.

This is not the week to compare your progress with others because it will not allow the positive creative energies to come into your space to make the changes that you wish. We understand how difficult it is to see others move forward when we are remaining in a similar state, but this is because of energetic readiness and pacifying the mind that wishes to create boundaries, obstacles and limitations even though you wish to be ‘doing’. Wishing energy feels very ‘far away’, ‘Pure, ‘I’m ready’ energy is instant and poised to act and move. This is what you are encouraged to embrace this week. Even if life is busy, try and see the gem in amongst the coal.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ’18 Up in the Air’

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