Reading Starting 3rd Dec 2020 – 9th Jan 2020

Well this is a lovely card to receive after the busy of transitioning from one decade to another, and also surviving the human silly of the crazy season of Christmas. Although, potentially it may have been some awesome times with family, friends or even just spending a quiet one with yourself but as we move into a new year, it makes sense that we start to acclimatize to the new energy that is Jan 2020. Some may be on holiday, some are still working very hard, but all need to reach that perfect balance between Mind Body and Soul.

Those things that you may have put on the back burner – you are going to need to scrub them off and bring them forward to deal with them. You do not want to start the New Year dealing with the ‘stuff’ of 2019. Remember ladies and gentlemen, we are moving on and grown from many things of 2019 and it is time to reinvent yourself into the being that you prefer, not which is created through manipulated opinions of others. Does that make sense – you are being asked to stand your ground, objectively and assertive (not aggressive) Behave in ways that empowers you, not makes you regret the things you say and do. You know what we mean here.

This is a great week to plan without rush or concern or the pressure of external influences so when you have that moment, sit down and prioritize that which is important and that which can wait. Remember that you are just one who does not have to do the work of all. Delegate where you can to those that you trust and know that they will step up to the plate because many are wanting to be more than the person that they were last year. Many will fall over to assist so give them a task that is tailored to their strengths.

Then with the things that you are good at you can devote the time needed to a project to ensure that it is on its way into fruition for the year ahead. Although try not to think to grandiose because you do not have to do the work of 12 months, in one week *laughs* even though many of you may feel that you can. Make sure you spend some time outside to replenish and gain much needed breathers in the week to ensure a clear creative mind.

One of the things that you need remember this week is that you have a lot of abilities under your human life tool belt and it is really important that you self-honor this. Much of what will present to you in the near future is going to call on some of the things that you learned from 2019, not so much a repeat of a situation but a building of a project that deals with behaviors of others. You have learned not to play in the game of others for they have their own story to write, as do you. However, what you can do is add to what you have grown from and sometimes tweaking some of your own approaches to challenges or adventures.

What you do this week is going to have a follow on affect for the next few months so make sure you start of the way you mean to continue. Do not be concerned about abundance, for that is going to flow into your life easier than what you believe – as long as you trust that. Know that if you have been a bit of a dim tunnel then there is light at the end of it so take a deep clearing breath and state ‘ I am ready to explore freely’.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘7 of Forces, BALANCE’

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