Reading Starting 31st Jan – 6th Feb 2020

There are going to be quite the epiphanies and ‘aha’ moments this week, especially if you have been troubling over something for a few weeks and it yes it will feel divinely guided in how the answer comes to you. Trust it. You are being gently nurtured this week so if you are already feeling tired moving into the second month of the newest decade, you are being reminded to take a step back and take a deeeeep breath. Within the shadow there is insight, deep reflection and moments as mentioned with the ‘aha’s’.

You are being over watched this week so take notice of your dreams, the sensations of feeling supported and not being alone, as well as those sudden insights that come from no where to ‘act/do something’. Even if it feels silly, you will soon be validated in your actions by someone who notices.

This week you will be affected by the moon’s feminine energy with the balance of Light and Dark sides of the Moon. Honor all that is within you but know that for those who are in the shadow – that beautiful things will be revealed. Those in the Bright – then be mindful you are not blinded by showmanship. Interesting thing to say – but see the truth in all things this week. It won’t be very hard; you will be able to tell what is real and what is illusion. Plus, you will also be able to see the bigger picture so take a step sideways, backwards or if brave, forward – and all will be shown to you.

There will be some ancient insight coming through you this week, whether you feel you are capable of tapping into old wisdom or not – irrelevant. One thing that will be revealed this year is that things you didn’t think were within your capabilities will occur at times and you are strongly encouraged to embrace this please. Listen with all parts of you, if it feels like a suggestion, guidance or for some, a warning, then act on it. Try not get too caught up in the origin of any intuitive message this week. Irrelevant once again – just do it and then if you wish; reflect on the why-for’s, or how-too’s.

Something deep that has been hidden is coming to the surface and you are strongly encouraged to allow it – no it is not going to rehash old hurts – it is going to reveal one of your biggest strengths. Sheesh this week feels like a big one for many so please – relax into and go gently. Do not go looking for all said for it will find you in weird and wonderful ways. Journal and share it when it happens so it settles into your reality space.

[man I feel like this week they are talking in riddles – sorry about that but it does feel kinda important]

Trust where this week is headed for you have many key Soul elements brought into your life. Embrace your magic wholeheartedly and find that creative spark to bring further newness and excitement into your world. Man I am trying to avoid sound like a hallmark card here but weird how it feels this way this week. It can be enjoyable if you allow it to be….

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘ 2 of Roses‘ Winged Messengers

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