Reading starting 30th Aug – 5th September 2019

As some doors close behind you – you can give yourself a chance this week to ponder just how far you have come and where you find yourself right at this moment. This week you will realise that you have options of where you are going and how you are going to do it, so do not panic if you feel like you are either stuck in a rut or wondering if you have made the right choices that has brought you to the moment that you find yourself in at this time.

The sun is setting on some aspects of your life – and although that can be a little unsettling as you move into new arenas, it is also a very beautiful time of growth, acknowledging your strengths and the realizations that you have control over the next few steps that you take. Do not let another do the work for you – take the reins.

Some of you may have a strong male influence this week, that is providing insight and ideas in how to progress with a key element in your life. Once again remember that you have the choice to act on their suggestions or learn from the way things are seen by this person. Do not dismiss out of concerns for losing control but do respect this person for the experience they have to bring to you. They may even provide some strength to an idea that you have been ruminating for a while now Consider this as validation of what it is you should do next.

Now if you have been feeling as though you could do with a holiday from thinking, doing and planning, share the reins whilst remaining as an overseer just until you have caught your breath and can see clearer now. Stay present and aware however a little time away can help you determine course of action when you are not so caught up in the Human Silly. Fill your mind up with something that is fun or away from the subject matter that has been consuming you. Rest assured you will be back to it soon enough but stop and smell the roses.

Some of you may need a bit of grounding, or even a small reality check, just to show you that you do not have to be everything for everyone. You know that is not sustainable over a long period of time Please, throughout the week, take a moment for yourself to relax, sing , meditate, Netflix *smiles* Ohhh and drink more water please – it will flush away the toxins that are building up within.

Now, although this week may feel a little haphazard at times, the pathway is clear just not necessarily defined as to which direction you will find yourself. There will be a lot of things to remind you that things are going okay, and not as bad as you may think Try and do more smiling at people this week – yes I know for some you may frighten others *laughs* but do it and notice how it makes you feel. No, do not have expectation as to how people will respond to your smile, but just lift other energies and yours so that you all do not get lost in translating the chaos.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled The King of Scrolls

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