Reading starting 2nd Aug – 8th August 2019

Now isn’t this very interesting , that this card was the very same card for the beginning of last month but the energy of it feels a lot different reminding you to bring to the fore everything that you gathered that benefited you, and loose anything that had zero positive effect on you. You will know what most of that is when you read this paragraph.

If there was a word for this week, it will be clarity and that will very much be a breath of fresh air indeed because some things that have eluded you, you will either see a solution for it, or finally release it into the ether for the energy expended on this was outweighing the potential gains from it. Sure, there will be a little hesitation and sadness as you let it go, but it was long overdue.

This is all about making sense but from a logical perspective – and so therefore it is very important that you keep things as simple as you can, even though you are exposed to high framed queries and possible solutions. For those of you who have strong Teaching guides whether in life or Source, really discern many things because you are not to give your power to another (in life) that you perceive to be more knowledgeable that you. You got this! You can share the wisdom that Source wants to flow through you so let it.

The creativeness of last week will follow on this week as well which is fantastic because it is truly going to allow the positive forward momentum that many of you have felt there have been ‘brakes’ on lately. There just needed a few more ducks to catch up with you and boom brothers and sisters, you are on your way.

A great week where most things will go the way you foresee it too and if there are some tweaks to that, well that is because it was on the cards and will only improve the process. Once again, a lot of energies around you supporting and guiding you so make sure you keep your eyes and ears open to opportunities as they present themselves.

This week – is a great healing week – so call on the healing energies and practices that you can work with (from home) exercise, eating healthy, drinking lots of water, speaking with love from the heart. An all-round productive approach to self-health.

Although the clarity is available, there is some prime moments where you are going to be pushed out of your comfy zone and you will not be allowed to stay in your hidey hole any longer. People are going to represent your truest self in all its limelight and people will be watching you with keen interest. Sure that is a scary thought but how exciting is the potentials surrounding that huh?

Do your research , know your target ‘audience’ – see the bigger picture – trust the knowledge you have gained and call on your guides to provide assistance where needed. But the work, the changes need to begin and end with you. Rollercoaster feel to this part of this reading – fun times ahead.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘Hilarion’

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