Reading starting 29th Nov – 5th December 2019

This week you may need to strengthen the foundations of a situation/ topic or even aspects of your self so that you can lay more ‘pressure’ to it which will allow you to grow in ways that you perhaps did not even think was possible when you had your first idea around it. One thing you need to remember is just how far you have come to be right here, right now – reading this. We get soo caught up in where we want to be – that sometimes that right HERE is where you need to be and that you have come further than what you believe was possible.

Instead of looking at the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – embrace the energies that the rainbow can give you this week. Red – things that you are passionate about and truly love. Have you perhaps forgotten why you are doing the things you are doing hmmm? Do not – for they should always be your focus. Orange – those creative sparks that bring newness and motivation into your heart. Remember what motivates you and balances you when you feel as though life gets overwhelming. Recenter and breathe. Yellow – what have you learned to date? We understand that not all things feel as though they have been good experiences, but they most certainly do create opportunities of strength and growth. Let the light shine on your success and learn from things that were not so positive.

Green – there is a lot of healing involved in truly reaching for your goals. Allow yourself to rest during times of confusion this week, and conversely when you are full of energy; power through any obstacles. Take notice of your bodies needs. Blue – the wisdom that you obtain when embracing life’s pros and cons allows you to have a moment of freedom and surrender. Remember that you are always worthy of the good things in life. So many forget this and get emotional about their ‘lack’. Take a cleansing breath and take a moment to allow the waves of emotion to reach such a level to be released and transmuted into your preferred state.

Indigo – remember that you are not alone; that we are always surrounded by people and energies in our human soul life that support in many ways. You can even ask for help so please vent and share where you need to. You do it for others so why can they not do it for you hmmm? Remember this… and then there is the last color Violet – your absolute connection with your authentic self and the incredible abilities that you sometimes forget when life gets overwhelming. Trust that the powerful Universal energies; however, you define them; have always got your back. Listen to its wisdom and trust in the journey that you are currently on.

Do not listen to any gossip this week and if you hear anything about you remember that almost always people gossip the way they do about others, because of a lack that they feel inside. See the bigger picture and do not allow it to influence you. If you are feeling good – then keep doing so for you deserve it. If you are feeling low; then do what you need for a time, then shake it and embrace that pot of gold at the end of this week’s rainbow.


Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled “Three of Scrolls – Setting your Course” – reversed

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