Reading starting 27th Sept – 3rd October 2019

This week may feel a little chaotic this week and cause you to worry about the effectiveness of any projects or situations you may be involved in. Try to control that emotion because there are going to be hidden pearls of wisdom and revelations this week and underneath everything, this is quite a positive week even though on the surface it may not feel as much.

You may look around this week and wonder where to start with either a project or something that is being asked of you, but pick the first thing that comes to mind and run with it. Everything else will fall into place as long as you stay focused and busy on ‘something’.

If you like working with Moon energy – think about that which you wish to discover, start or explore and embrace all information as it comes you. Sure, you may feel on edge with the potential changes that are coming – but you have all the tools you need. Try to make your space that you are in less chaotic by having a change around, picking things, tidying up – organizing and putting things where they belong. For those in the Southern Hemi – spring-cleaning *laughs* – for those in the Northern hemi – reflection and harvesting – reaping the rewards of the year to date.

If you are a person that thinks on the negative more than the positive – then it is time this week for some positive self-talk – do not think about the lack, or the inability to progress – start acknowledging what you have learned and also remember that which you are very good at. You may find as you clear the way in the space/environment around you – then it will become easier to see the light shining down on your purpose and progress.

This may not be the week that you buy any big purchases but to plan ahead, or save something for a rainy day. You may even be able to recycle something to get what you need as a temporary fix if an item is required. Alternatively, even borrow from a friend/family. In time, you will get what you need to trust in this.

Some of you may feel like you are losing things all week and you will get frustrated by this so rise up above this and know that things will improve. This could come in the form of an item, a temper *oops*, on a grand scale a change of job/role, or you may find that a person in your life will not be as ‘present’. If you believe in guides/faery – ask them to give you some assistance if you would like something returned or healed nicely.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled 2 of Keys ‘The Treasure’

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