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The energies of this coming week are all about coming together, letting old grudges be buried, to really come into your own authentic-self surrounded by peace and potential. You may also want to look at the bigger picture of this week, especially if you are challenged once more with things that you thought you had buried. In all honest you have so take a breath of fresh air however there are remnants of influence that may trigger an emotional response. Acknowledge, smile at how far you have come and move forward.

Many of you are wanting to be in environments that feel like home, whether it is in the arms of another or spending time at home doing your own thing. The reason why this is occurring is because it has been a very busy year for many, and this is the perfect time to rest and recuperate for the busy of the coming year ahead.

If you can spend some time out in nature – if in the northern hemisphere and it is a bit too cold for that; then bring some of nature into your home. This is going to help ground a lot of you to ensure that you are starting the year off with your best foot forward. Think about the things you want to carry into the new Decade – and think about that which you would prefer to settle into the Twenty Tens. It is okay to do this because think about where you were ten years ago, and where you are today. You Have Grown and we need to all acknowledge this. Sure, some of us are a little wiser and perhaps a little jaded by that which occurred but they happened to make you who you are today, and you have a choice. To be the strong person that many know you to be but more importantly – t he strong person that you need to acknowledge and own 100%.

This is a week to put the doubts aside and to embrace all that is poised to come your way. For many months, years or even decades some have pushed potential away. Open yourself up and embrace and sure it is going to be like a rollercoaster ride – scary at times but huge rush of exhilaration for most of it. Think about what you have put off and put off – and put it into your life now as a focus of accomplishment for the coming months into the new year. If you cannot think of anything – then settle into a calm space for it will be revealed orrrr you will finally acknowledge it instead of denying.

This week is a week of coming together whether it is people or situations or projects that you have going. Enjoy the peaceful energy this week – do not let the busy of the previous weeks take you into the new year of 2020. The doors are opened – not opening or present but purely opened – for you to walk through. There need not be any hesitation because if you were not ready -then the doors would not be there. Take in the energy of a young child filled with wonder and freedom to explore with fun and joy rather as a boring adult *laughs* that looks at everything that could go wrong. Remember that your thoughts of focus can and will create – so why not create an air of excitement and newness.

If you are on holiday time – then catch up with some friends or family this week. Those that are free would love to hear from you. When you read this, you will know the person to call. Even if it is a phone call *smiles*.

For some who are thinking that they did not accomplish much this year know that even though things do not appear so on the surface, you have done more to your inner foundation that you realise. You are just being hard on yourself and we are encouraging you to stop that. All is as it should be in time all will be revealed. Go easy and Happy New Year to you. Feel the joy please, you owe it to yourself.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘ 2 of Roses‘ Winged Messengers

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