Reading starting 26th July – 1st August 2019

What a productive and incredibly busy week this is going to be as you move into the crazy week ahead but trust when we say that everything is going to have your back and it will be a welcome reprieve after the human silly of the month as a whole. Bring on August we say huh?

The thing is – it is very important that you take charge and not let anyone grab the reins of what essentially is your job to do , complete, or are good at for the outcome will feel less than if you do not ensure that your focus and desire is met and that everything and one is on the same page.

Yes, you are going to have to be stubborn and stomp your ground marking your territory. Yes, you may feel a little isolated as you feel a little let down by those who normally help you are not quite able to meet the mustard. Do not judge them for they are going through their own stuff – but you will really have to pull your weight here and your more than capable of doing that.

This can be a very productive week – birthing a lot of ideas, creative juices and beginnings of moving forward when life has felt al little stagnant as of late. Change is going to be a little difficult to face at this point when you feel a little jaded from all that has happened to date, but it is going to be a refreshing one if you just allow yourself to go with the moment rather than doubt and question.

If you feel a little confused this week – then once again pull on past experiences that have seen, you through energy like this – and truly tap into your intuition that will guide you clearly as long as you do not doubt yourself. In evaluation of a project or situation that you find yourself in, you discover that there is a bit more wiggle room for growth and expansion, do not be disenchanted because it that means is that there is more momentum and growth to be gained, even though some of you may have felt you were close to ending a particular venture.

For some of you, you may experience a person, most likely of male energy stepping forward and helping you in a lot of ways – and as long as he is on the same page as you, please delegate to him (based on his strengths and charms) what he can bring to you and the energy of the activity/project. Be very grateful at what he achieves even though he may not be doing exactly how you wanted it, but you know intuitively that he is working in tandem with you. Let no other take control – remember this, otherwise you may feel as though has whipped your idea away and made it theirs. Own Your Work 100%

The last week of July for you is allowing you to shake off doubts, confusion and cobwebs which may have built up – yep it is time for that spring clean energy to simplify and cleanse creating a lovely refreshed You.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘The King of Forces”

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