Reading starting 25th Oct – 31st October 2019

This week is all about networking and working alongside other people but the key to this is to ensure that all people that you encounter play a part into your personal story plan. Even if you have some that are a little antagonistic within this group – try and see things from their point of view so that you can incorporate different angles to your project.

You are going to be showing some leadership qualities and although for some this comes easier than others, you really are being asked to step up and take the lead and this is nothing to be concerned about because you will have very supportive people among your clan to guide, and bolster your courage.

You may find this week that someone is going to come into your life that will play a part in helping you towards a goal whether it is work related, personal or familial. Listen to them even if you are not 100% sure of their intentions. For some people, we have been tested by those who come into our lives and take away more than you have received from them and once again this may be the case, however, you are older, and wiser and capable of seeing past peoples hidden agendas and grasping the pearls of wisdom for your personal benefit.

This week you may want to tweak and reorganize some of the ‘normal’ in life and the purpose for that is to gain some clarity of what is where it is, and why it is there perhaps. Some things you may even let go and you will be adding newness this week – even if it is new songs to a playlist or meet new people or to add a new direction in your occupation or family life. Have fun with this new tweaking of life’s ‘normal’ to add spice and intrigue.

Some of you amongst the new, will have a period of reflection of what worked in the past that you know can be utilised here and now and that too can be placed into the new of what is going on in your life – this may feel a little unusual but there are reasons why you experienced what you did in past, for the future of now. Remember those things that used to give you spark because when we get lost in the translation of life we forget our way sometimes and this week you will find that you are determined to get back on track – sometimes we have to take a path we have already taken albeit briefly – to allow something new to be revealed through more mature eyes.

The potential for this week is the knowing that something good will come into your life and it is up to you to see it for what it truly is. I almost hear a plea in this because many people have forgotten how to see the gifts that are bestowed upon them but whether or not it is a feeling of worthiness to receive or thinking that there is something better – I’m not sure. But know this – it will be the key or the potential doorway to something important to round off this year of 2019. Know your worthiness deep at heart level in deserving all that the Universe wants to reveal to you this week.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘ 7 “Fated Meeting”’

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