Reading Starting 24th Jan – 30th Jan 2020

This week or even year may be a bit of a shake up of people in positions of power in your life and how you respond to that. Whether they are people you work with, the hierarchy of the household or even the pecking order of your friends. Some will resist this, and others will calmly observe and decide how they want it to affect them. Please chose the latter because in this way you will be less affected by it, as well as still being able to be how you are and only tweaking interactions in a minimal way. If you get annoyed or frustrated by the behaviors of others, then indirectly you may find that your own behaviors might match, and you wont like who you will become.

Often, we find it humorous when there are people in power who truly believe their actions or ideas are valued more so than others. A true leader brings in the strengths of the whole ‘team’ to support one another, with the premise of success, and teaches others how to lean on others with their learning needs. Everyone plays a part and well. Those are the people we should admire, those willing to allow the ‘student’ to bring substance to the ‘master’. Does this make sense? These are what you will want more of in the coming year, and most definitely this week as people re re-assert themselves in their human dynamic.

What we are essentially saying to you here is that you have value, no matter how much you believe you bring to the group/table/team/family. Do not let anyone else tell you otherwise. Everyone is on a learning curve in some way and everyone also has something to bring into a situation. Honor everyone. If you are the teacher/leader/master of something, then it is your responsibility to ensure that people feel valued. If you are not, then ensure that you acknowledge your value in a group situation even if it is just to yourself or those you trust.

This week there is a path for you to take and some of you may be a little surprised about how it is being presented to you for you might have a choice in direction. Remember the things you enjoy and ask yourself ‘Will this make me happy to do?’. Remember the feeling last week that we talked about – the childlike excitement or just feeling appreciated. Harness this to answer your question and if it feels off-key then smile and give gratitude for the opportunity and know that another will come along. Be honest and no knee jerk response to the offer when it arrives.

This week, irrespective if you like it or not, you need to listen to a piece of music that lifts your soul. You may not like it at a human level, but it is going to do some healing and re-establishing your life path journey. Be mindful how music influences you this week because it is going to be like a tonic to the soul. Odd thing to say we know but take a moment and allow it work its magick.

This week stand your ground if someone pushes you in a direction that you really do not want to take; this feels more work/income based rather than personal. If you are self-employed, then find someone you trust to get advice before making a decision. Remember all things grow from that which we are passionate about. If the water is stagnant, then nothing will flow right.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ’18; HILARION’

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