Reading starting 23rd Aug – 29th August 2019

You are certainly going to find your voice this week and it will be very reassuring to know that you will know the right words to say when you need to say it. Lately you have been hesitant to share, or let something of your chest, but as you know, when you hold things in and not say what is truly only  your mind , the pressure cooker builds up to the point that you explode and if you have a Intuitive Gemini mind/voice like mine, well BOOM is all I can say. Never a pretty sight.

But it won’t be like that this week because you will be able to have the calm ability to express yourself in ways that might even surprise you. So, think about what it is you have not quite had the courage to say, and take a deep breath and approach those that need to hear it. The energy of positive communication will embrace you to say the right thing without allow your emotions to do the talking for you (in my case for a change *laughs*).

You are being asked to take a stand as well – rising up to a level of understanding that a few weeks ago you didn’t think was possible. Something this week is going to be revealed to you – so try not to over think this tidbit of information, for it will be totally ‘in your face’ unable to miss it. This will shine a light on something that has had you puzzled bringing insight and a possible plan as to how to deal with it.

You will have a strength of character this week that will allow you to stand your ground, and not sweat the small stuff at the same time being productive. If you need to toot your own horn about what you provide to a family or work environment do so, but not from Ego but from heart. People need to realise that everyone plays their part and should be thanked for that – so not only let people know your worth but honor their own worth as well in what they do no matter how small.

Some of you may feel as though you have gone full circle with something and will have a choice to remain in this cycle – or to step off and create another path or direction. Remember to bring all you have learned to all endeavors. Nothing you do is a waste of time even those moments when you feel as though you are going nowhere fast. You have a choice here, for a large step away or just a small change of course.

You all need to embrace all the gifts that will come to you this week in very strange ways. Do not doubt the universal way of providing abundance – although it may not come in the form of winning a lottery ticket – it can come in the way of something more profound. If it fills up your HumanSoul abundance piggy bank – be grateful and show it 100%.

Gabriel is a teacher, a communicator and can bring you strength and wisdom during times of great need so allow their energy to flow through you this week. Feel their divine insight provide a calming effect on others who are witness to what it is you are saying through them, with you – or as you..

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled Archangel Gabriel 3

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