Reading starting 22nd Nov – 28th November 2019

No matter what happens this week, do not give up however – *smiles* the week will not go quite as you would have liked sooo try and embrace all opportunities amongst the chaos and potential challenges that are thrown at you for they are little tweaks in your universe that helps you stay focused on certain things in your life correctly.

Try not to see anything as a failure this week because it is not – however we understand how frustrating things can be when you want to move from A to B with life’s daily tasks but when there is an X in the middle of it – it can lead to life’s road detours. Sure, you can see where you are headed but you may start to wonder if you are supposed to get there with the hurdles that keep flowing in your path. Take a breath – and stay focused and shake off the doubts. Perseverance is the key this week so one step at a time lovely.

Now a certain approach or method you have been using as of late, will not work this week and you may have to sacrifice this to ensure that you dodge any odd cream pies that are thrown your way. It is important that you remain staunch in the direction that you wish to take – but do not so stuck in how you get there. You may have to sidestep and perhaps ask for advice from people in positions of power that you know.

If you are met with resistance this week try and attempt to see things from others perspective and that way you will be able to reach a healthier compromise. Now although the decisions from management or even those in our families may seem idiotic on the surface – there will be a hidden agenda and if you are able to determine what you think that may be then it will help you to create magic from the silly or at least be one step in front of it so it does not trip you up.

The power of three needs to be balanced again this week and you may wonder what that means, whether it is mind body soul balance, or work, home, self-balance. This may involve removing that which does not feel right in your life at the moment and although it makes you feel as though you are missing something; essentially as you get comfy with the loss or sacrifice – then it prepares you to embrace something useful and more attuned to your desires. Try and push through any knee jerk reactions to make things ‘right’ and get in the way of Universal translation and manifestation.

Keep your cards close this week and try to have an air of indifference as people around you behave in ways that make you wonder if you need to play a part in their ‘game’ or create your reality based on their projections. Take a breath and try not to do anything that is removed from your focus. You know you deserve your goodness and even if some things may seem to be getting in the way – you know through the power of thought you can transmute anything into perfect manifested desire.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘ The Chess Game- 3 of keys’

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