Reading starting 20th Sept – 26th September 2019

This is going to be a week of really taking calculated risk to determine if the next course of action should be taken, the thing with this though, you will not be alone with this decision making process, and also it can lead you to some exciting times.

The trick when you are moving into new adventures is not to look at the whole landscape ahead at everything that you know will need to be done, but to focus on the vessel of what it is that is going to take you there. For most of you, it is going to be you – so you need to put yourself first this week.

It really does feel as though you are in a limbo moment and this is purely because you are unsure of what it is you have to do next. The trick here is to take a breath, collect your thoughts, and reflect on how far you have come to date. Pat yourself on the back and ask yourself ‘Do I want to do more of the same or do I need a change of tactic or course of action to reveal a new aspect of yourself that you wish to show the world?’ Most of you want to explore something new and that is okay as long as it matches your overall destination of what it is that you asked the universe for to manifest.

Introducing something new that needs to compliment your journey to date can be something small, or something that you know will work alongside your main purpose. Try not to over think this too much. The best thing you can do is fill your day/week up with doing the things you love or at least remember the things you enjoy because that will provide that aha or spark to light the flame of the ‘where too now?’

If you have been having some rough times as of light – see this week like a reprieve from that – the opportunity to relax and smell the roses is very strong this week and you deserve it. If you have moments where you are feeling a little hot headed or cannot think – then step back from whatever is triggering you to feel that way so you can assess a situation better without emotional ties to something or someone.

If you have someone special in your life – it is important that you have some time this week like a ‘date night’ energy. Doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, in fact – keeping it simple will make the likelihood of it happening if you are both busy people. Remind them that no matter how busy you are that they are still special in your heart even though your mind and body are elsewhere. Tell them until they believe it. This could be a loved one, a family member or a treasured friend. No one should be taken for granted – even you.

The sun is about to rise on your horizon and it is finally going to shed some light on something that has been puzzling you lately. Enjoy this week lovely – you deserve the epiphanies and inner calm that this week can be no matter how busy you are.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘Up in the air 18’

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