Reading starting 20th Dec – 26th December 2019

This week is a reminder that you are the master of your universe although in no way does this mean that you should be controlling every aspect of this. You must think I am talking in riddles however what this means is that you do not allow others to enable certain behaviors in you. Plus, your thoughts dooo create HOWEVER you are the catalyst for change but not necessarily part of ‘how’ things universally transmute around you. Please have the spark of focus but do not be sooo stuck in controlling how you get there. Does that make sense?

Some of you may need to think before acting on something this week, and try not to overdo things, because if you get in the way of progress, you may be a little tripped up along the way and people may question why they are helping you in the first place. Do not micromanage – just trust that everyone is doing what they need too as they do it.

There is a door ahead that is going to open up for you and you may feel some trepidation this week. This will come in the form of a new push forward towards something that you know deep down interests you. Some of you may reach a fork in the road that steers you away from that which you have repeated over and over all year. You may wonder why you feel the need to try something different however the short answer to that is you have learned much this year and you know deep down that doing the same thing and expecting a different result is a sure way of stagnation. This is the week that will allow yourself to be lead into a realm of ‘make believe – where you things you may have dreamed of appear to be able to come into some form of reality and instead of saying ‘woww I don’t believe this’ it is important that adopt an energetic feeling of ‘ You know what…. I deserve this’

There are two key people that have your back this week and we want you to show them gratitude in the way you are capable of. These two people are going to be very supportive next year and conversely you are going to be there for them also. This will be a mutually beneficial time for all of you so harness this wee group.

This is a great week to write all your wishes down – then in a way that you know works for you – release it out into the universal ether than will create it for you. Grab a bowl of popcorn – and relax so you do not feel the need to make things happen. Take stock of your feelings around it – keep it settled and gently positive then be busy with something else.

Do not forget the tools you have acquired over the year to assist you with any troubleshooting events this week and think outside of the square in how you use them. This will make sense to some if you remember this for it will be one of six ‘actions’ that you can do to generate a positive outcome to a problem.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘ 8 of Keys ‘ Master Artisan’

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