Reading starting 1st Nov – 7th November 2019

If some of you have been going through some rough patches in the last few weeks, then this week is going to see you with some clearer skies so that you can make sense of what is going on around you – and to remember that you are the architect of your life. Whether you are moving into Spring or going into Fall this is the perfect week to de-clutter, to remove that which is no longer relevant to you – even down to bad habits that you know that you need to break.

For many, life has been very complex, well this week is a reminder and strong encouragement to simplify and to really put things into honest perspective. Sometimes we get so caught up in the doing that we forget to acknowledge the work accomplished, and also giving yourself a chance to catch up and take a breather moment.

This week will reveal, if you are watching and not too overwhelmed, the next step that you should take in a situation or a project that you are involved in. More so if you feel as though you have reached an impasse and are unsure of what direction to take. However, the only way you can fully comprehend this is by simplifying and de-cluttering. We cannot stress this enough.

If you have been the leader of a project, then take a step back and become the overseer after delegation of tasks. If you have been the worker following requests, then try and look outside of the square to ‘get the job done’. There is going to be someone that will pick up the slack for you as you do this, albeit briefly, so trust in that so that you can gain perspective.

This week is the energy of the Doors – and you may wonder what we mean by that, but it is saying that opportunities in the symbolic form of ‘doors’ are going to present to you, and you have the keys to open them if you have the courage and belief in yourself to use the keys and walk on through. Try not to give them to others because the opportunity will not come again until middle of next year. If you have a knee jerk reaction of ‘This is not the right time, I can’t do this’ – well the universe will not agree with you at this point. Push through those feelings of NO – and take a tentative YES step forward please.

You have all the tools at your disposal to assist you in most things this week, so remember this – remember all the things that has brought you here at this moment in time. Plus remember the types of things that you ask of the Universe/ Source/ Universal beliefs you may follow. You are being guided and supported to walk in your authentic belief of Self. Stop denying this.

This is a great week to be with family, loved ones, and perhaps some of you may be visited by those whom have passed. Feel their love and energy and take a moment to remember. They are there because the energy of the time is about stopping and reflecting. Smelling the roses and taking a moment to recharge and refocus on what is truly important.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled “ The Architect – 1 of keys”

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