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Farm and Farmland in the Hills of Tuscany, Sunset. Old Fence in Foreground.

Ooooo there is a word that is going to be surrounding many this week and that word is ‘Patience’ – who shudders or stomps their feet with that one huh?. Yes, this is a week of twiddling your thumbs and waiting around just to see how something pans out – waiting for the actions of others will absolutely frustrate you to the max – so my dears – you have to find something to stop you from interfering, micromanaging and effectively getting in the way of a situations natural progression.

If you are a control freak, you are going to find this week being agitating so you need to book in that massage, you need to take a moment to mediate or read some pages of a book that you have been putting to the side. This week you need to activate methods that will assist you to remain calm, patient and ready to receive willingly.

This is a great week to try and check out those little nuances that otherwise you would not put some energy into – like going that extra mile for yourself in ensuring that you are prepared within and without – BUT not interrupting other peoples flow. Quite the charming balance this is going to be – like walking a razor sharp edge that could cut you or make you fall. The trick here is to look forward, trust that everything is going to be okay and everything will be ready for you at the end of this chapter.

There is the possibility of some hotheads wanting to rattle the cages here – ensure that one of the hotheads is not you – because it is not going to help the situation. In fact it has the potential to fuel the friction between one another so please – Do.Not.Play – just know that everything is going according to universal plan and will be okay.

Some of you are going to want to know the outcome – because it will be a little painful not knowing what is truly going on here – sooo trust in your intuition and know that you will get insight when the timing is right – not just because you want to know. This is not a good week to launch anything new so just keep planting the seeds in people’s minds about your intention to embark on an activity – but do not hurry into it. You may find with a week or two people may be more receptive to what you are offering.

You may need to lean on another to help support you in bringing an idea together towards fruition. It is very exciting and the sun does want to shine on it but not quite yet. Take a breath – network and attempt to get like minded people to become aware of the thing you are holding most dear in thought at this moment in time. Know that your guides are very aware of what it is you hope to achieve and will ensure that the ducks start to line up so that it will flow easier and with more momentum over time, will grow and eventually manifest. Be calm in the knowledge that everything is going very much , according to plan and will reveal when the time is right.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ’18 Up in the Air’

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