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It has been very easy for people to get lost in the translation of having a human experience, feeling as though you are having one challenge after the other – but truly that is what sparks the changes within is – especially as we are tested over and over. We discover our strengths, and character and our ability to stand tall and true among the chaos that can manifest around us if we allow it too.

How we respond to this though is completely up to ourselves and one thing that is detrimental to discovering the diamonds in the rough is by feeling as though things are being done TOO you rather than FOR you. We understand how life can seriously kick many to the curb, but sometimes that occurs to help you get a different perspective of what it is you need to change within you to bring clarity and purpose back into your heart once more.

This week is very much about that -and as grandiose as that may feel there is soon to be sunlight in the dark for many – and clarity and purpose for all if they are just willing to reflect on what they have achieved this year to date. It is still very difficult to believe that we are almost at the end of October and hence the year! But here we are and what we hold in our hearts now, will carry through into the next year so what do you choose to hold tight, and which do you wish to surrender out into the ether transmuted into your intention of choice, rather than happenstance.

This week you may need to take the high road, not only in stemming what you want to say to the idiotic decision makers, but also to take a bigger look from above to the true reasons why things are happening the way they are. You can see that there are always two sides to every situation, and it is usually a culmination of compromise that manifests something into the middle to occur that allows all parties to have a place, voice and point in the process. Sometimes you need to just go with the flow of things, other times you know you need to make a stand because people are stepping over your boundaries or perhaps that which you know might lead to a space that you would rather avoid at this point.

This week it is important that you have a moment of calm, whether you meditate, take a moment in a bath with candlelight or just going for that run that allows you to move away from the silly of the moment. Calm hearts lead to creative decisions and it will help you become less reactive and more positively responsive when you feel the time is right. Feel the Sun or Moonlight on your face and allow it to wash away concerns because your next step can be freeing.

We challenge you each day to take a breathe visualising energy flowing from above down through your head, neck, heart, solar plexus, hips, legs and feet and into the ground. Do this before you interact with people, situations and tasks in the morning or just when you feel like doing that. Will only take 2 minutes. Trust us when we say – you will reap the rewards of this. Master this amongst the chaos and watch the magic unfold.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘2 of Forces – ‘The Willow” ‘

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