Reading Starting 17th Jan – 23rd Jan 2020

What is always stock standard when starting a new year, and even more important when starting a new decade, we often find ourselves wonder if we are on the right path, reviewing where we have come from in comparison to where we thought we would be and this is very acceptable and healthy. What tends to make people unbalanced is the focus and how it how it makes you feel. If you are finding that you are already dissatisfied within the first few weeks of the new decade/year then there is a core thing about you that you may need to address, change and/ or release / allow. Sure, many of you will think ‘But I have revisited this, why do I need to do it again?’. If you are truly not excited about the opportunities ahead, you are already minimizing their natural entrance into your perception where it is present and ready to grab.

What do I do about that? Well lovelies you remember that space of quiet reflection where you felt at peace and swirls of enthusiasm pushing your moment. This is the energy to attempt to be absorbed by this week so that we can ensure that the magic that is moving around you remains on point to your truest desires. We cannot fake this; we must truly feel it and incorporate it in our daily thinking. This is not saying we want you to think about what you want – no – sheesh humans are notorious at thinking about many concerns surrounding our dreams, instead of just flying with them. So, the energy to harness this week is remembering that moment when after sleeping the night, you checked to see if the tooth fairy left you a coin and magically it was ‘there!’ when you were little. Or your favorite ever Christmas present that received at any age and how it made you feel whole and appreciated… worthy of love.

That is the energy that will propel you in the right direction. That is the energy that will take away all your human concerns about how it will all come to play. Stop tripping up manifestation for it will slam dunk you. Oh, and that is another thing to remember this week. If you have recently been told, that many things are on the horizon for you of a specific nature and you do not want that because it involves stepping outside of your comfy zone; well buckle up brothers and sisters; It will happen no matter how hard you resist and you will just prolong the discomfort if you go into stubborn ‘ I don’t wanna’ mode. Please heed this for it is how it will be. Everyone is being asked to be accountable in amongst their potential in this new decade and it has already been revealed to many of you.

See the depth of how things can be; rather than the surface way it makes you feel initially. See how you can make something you don’t want to do for various reasons, into something that benefits you 100%. No cannot be the first thought, feeling or action. There is no limit to where you are going, but how easy this will be, and what supports will be placed to assist you is based on your response to things.

There is a lot of seedlings being created this week in how you respond, how you feel , what things are consuming your thoughts so lets plant some good ones huh. It truly is a fertile ground at the moment in many ways – with creative ideas, human soul game-play, and for those wanting new additions to the family – the doorways are open as well.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘ 7 of Roses; The Journey’

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