Reading starting 16th – 22nd August 2019

The energy of this week is all about remembering that you are the architect of your life and you often have choices in your daily life whether you wish to remain in control in how things pan out, or to give it to another. Our challenge to you though, is whatever decision you make – you are always responsible for the outcome. This is not the week to place blame on another but to take ownership and act accordingly with your own interests at heart. We understand how many people find this challenging due to having difficulty putting ourselves first, but this week it is very important to do so that those who need to realise your value and impressed by the way you handle anything that occurs this week.

Another thing to remember this week is that when you are creating something new or developing and idea or project, that the most important focus should be what foundations you are basing everything on top of it. This is not the week to do things half-heartedly at all, precision and organization is the key elements for your week. Do not rush into things either. Give yourself a chance to ensure that everyone is on the same page, that people are knowing exactly what you expect of them and that you have mini goals to assess and reassess progress.

Some of you may be interested of things ‘ancient’ – and the reason this is occurring is because your ancients are standing beside you in spirit – ensuring that you realise your leadership qualities can flow from the great wisdom that comes from them. We are all very good at putting ourselves – the individual – down or held back – but when tap into the innate wisdom that flows from our ancestors then the magick and the information can quickly come to the fore. Just take a deep breath and feel them around you sharing in what it is they know you need this week. Trust in this process. Yes for some of you this may feel foolhardily and unusual but if you just give it a chance you will see people looking at you in a whole new way and wonder where you are getting your ideas from. Just smile and nod if people ask you where you are getting your ideas from and be all mysterious *laughs*.

Origin of knowledge is not always important, but the information and message itself should always be acted on according to what you are comfortable with. Another thing this week, be okay about changing direction from where you thought something was taking you – have an open mind and be open to discovery and opportunity as they present themselves to you.

Short note here and a reminder ‘You are capable of taking charge’ – so do it this week before things get out of control. You will see what needs to be done.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘ 1 of keys The Architect’

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