Reading starting 15th Nov – 21st November 2019

With all that is going on this week, it may feel as though there has been a shadow cast on what you are attempting to do, however try and put that feeling aside if you can because in the darkness is when light reveals what you should be focused on. This week is about discovering an aspect of yourself or what you are involved in that is going to help shed some answers as to why certain things keep repeating themselves over and over. Even though you have felt as though you have learned all that you need to by something from the past, or from a behavior pattern that you may have that you thought you changed/healed from, consider this week tweaks on some of that. Try not let to any concerns or old fears resurface because you know that does not accomplish anything except may you feel ‘less than capable’ – because that feeling although real to you , is an illusion that another may have placed on you.

You are wiser now and if you find that someone challenges you this week with something that you have become knowledgeable about; listen to what they have to say but do not ‘wear’ there thoughts about your opinions on it. Some people are not ready to hear certain things, but they will learn to understand in time in their way. This is not a good week to have expectations on the actions of others to meet your wishes. That will only lead to disappointment.

Emotions are going to be running a little high this week and it follows the energies of the time – where we are coming to the end of 2019 and it is during this time that questions surface – again – about how well you have progressed to date. This is a good week to go very easy on yourself, and to treat yourself where possible. Hang out with like minded people that you know will lift your spirits in a very real way that helps empower you.

This week your ability to tap into strong Source knowing is strong and some of you may start having vivid dreams. If you always get vivid dreams – you may find that they are even more so *blinks* and you will remember them so either reflect on them or write them down. Old wisdom will flow through you and for some of you, it will provide some intriguing insights but once again remember to go easy on yourself.

This week can be about reflection but make sure you are open minded and hearted so that you are nurturing and gentle with yourself. If you have been wanting to try something new but unsure of what it is you are supposed to be doing, look , listen, feel and trust because if you are observant this week you may once again get repeating message to show you a certain way. If you are resistant to this some of you may find that you feel a little under the weather – resistance signs come in the form of headaches, shoulder and back pain, as well huge emotional surges from time to time.

There seems to be some legal component this week for some people who are reading this – so look for the pearl of knowledge as things are presented to you and all will be successful. Do not let concern or worry consume you – for you will just not see the gifted assistance when it is presented to you. Come on, you know that you deserve success so try not to get in the way of the universal flow of this.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled “Uriel and the Sphinx’ 21

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