Reading starting 14th June – 20th June 2019

This week it is very important to pull on all parts of you, because if you deny one aspect, then other parts of you tend to be affected. The way to remain control is to ensure that you put your best foot forward and trust that you know the right time, place, person and situation to involve in any project that you come into contact with this week. You will need your desire and passion, your calm and wisdom, you to be healthy and willing, and also to allow your creative juices to step up and play their part as well. You will find many of your strengths will support you strongly this week, and if you have any learning needs, they too will be given the opportunity to get a ‘spit shine’ *smiles*.

Some of you may be thinking about some loved ones that have passed, so know that if you are then they are with you during this very testing week; where you are going to pull every avenue for a successful outcome. They have got your back, so take any assistance or guidance in the form of a spontaneous action/idea. Do not hesitate because they will be around for timely importance.

You may be placed in positions of leadership and if you are a person that shy’s away from this, please do not. You were chosen because you are the right person for the job and you will prove yourself not only to those that asked you, but also for yourself. You may even realise how much you will like it and it may open your eyes to a lot of potential.

One key factor about this week – ensure that you do things that keep you at a healthy balance, and this encompasses things for the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. If one of those lineups are out of balance it has the potential to make the most basic things, a little more challenging so please stay very aware of your SELF. You have time for all things, and if you need to schedule it then do so – even if it is a silly thing as putting a ‘candlelit bath’ as a daily need. Word to the wise, and yes that is you – do not look at all that you need to accomplish this week – just look at the next thing that presents itself to you, or iffff you must, prioritise. This week will feel like that old game Yahtzee – wherever the five dice land, you will be fine and can cope.

“As your energy grows, your heart overflows and your mind is as boundless as the sky”

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘ The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘ Will, Wisdom, and Mind’

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