Reading Starting 14th Feb – 20th Feb 2020

Huge swirling energy surrounds you this week and as stagnant as last week may have felt – well this week is almost the polar opposite – we did warn you to take it easy and catch your breath – we hope that you did at some point in amongst the busy hmmm…

This is a beautiful time where it feels as though there is a healing process in amongst all the projects that you find yourself in. You will be justified having certain intuitive feelings about people/situations, so it is really important that you speak your mind and talk from the heart without blame, or point fingers. The reason being is that everyone is coming together to ensure that something is successful, and it is up to all people to play their part – and they will in their way. Make sure that everyone is one the same page – or at least knows how you are feeling. Something is going to shift within you that you have been waiting for a while to happen now and this is exciting because for some it will be part of their soul journey within their human body in this life. Grandiose sounding right – but it could be as subtle as changing the way you dress, all the way to starting a new career or moving. Irrespective of the big change, that on the surface may feel small it is the catalyst for newness in your life and you are to embrace this wholeheartedly even though you may be rife with nervous energy. It is okay because you can transmute nervous tension into excitement.

There is one word I am hearing at the moment and that is the word Nirvana and according to google *smiles* the definition of this (in Buddhism) is a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth Essentially for some of you reading, this is going to happen and when it does – settle into that space- and just be there for five minutes. For it will bring clarity – understanding and direction which for many will be a ‘woohoo’ finally – moment. Try not to resist please please please….

Surrender to this energy and it will allow you to create magic in your life and as generalized as this sounds, we want you to think of one thing that you know is to be – put it out into the ether – and then carry on keeping your human mind busy so that the universe can mold your thought intention into a reality around you.

Alrighty lets humanize this reading a little because it feels a little existential – however you are moving into a new chapter in life involving new people, perhaps new jobs, new locations, shift in behavior or thoughts (which for me is a good thing) – and it feels like it has a positive growth potential rather than the life challenges that many of us have from time to time. Oh sure some hiccups may occur – but like for me last year – you are only going up and up and out flying high.

Energies of this week involve- healing, intuition, awareness of the big picture, not getting caught up in the ‘human’, feeling expansive, creative and at time very passionate about a situation/ person/ project. A very positive and productive week filled with expansive thoughts, actions and growth on the right way forward for you.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘ Forces 1 ‘The Akashic Field’

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