Reading starting 13th Sept – 19th September 2019

Golden opportunities can occur this week with regard to your home life, personal development or work so prepare yourself for the ability to show people what you are capable of doing. A little ‘yellow flag’ here of encouragement – the only person in your life that holds you back is the one that stares back out at you in the mirror. It is very easy for us in placing pure responsibility on personal growth on the …’when this happens…. Then I will…” paradox. The truth of this is “I will expand, and then great things will happen….”

This week is full of growth potential in all things and the only limitations here are the ones you create so get to work people *clap clap clap* create your new experience so that you can be more than what you already are. Try not to think grandiose because you will shut yourself down before you even start moving – one gentle step forward at a time will create the momentum that you need to ensure you will feel the change as it occurs and you will not be so concerned about the outcome, but more focused on the excitement of what is happening around you.

Some of you may have some helpers in this progress, so utilise everyone’s potential in a way that benefits all if you can. If you find you have needy people that want from you – have a tit for tat mentality – they need to do something for you, so you have time to do something for them. Just imagine if everyone just gave a little of their time and energy to people around just how productive things would be. This week can be HUGELY productive – so no resisting and please take offers for help as they come and if you can reciprocate.

Lovely energy of manifestation and creativity so have some fun with it if you can – feel the sun on your face and the energy in the air that lifts your spirit no matter how busy you are. You may be a little mindful; in doing this because of the busy but it is a key part as catalyst for the positive changes that can and will occur based on your desire and readiness (even if you are not aware of this) – to grow and explore, expand and discover.

You may have to go out on a limb this week to ensure that you can reach your goals and desires of choice and it may feel a little risky but if you do not take the risk then there is a chance you may have to wait a bit longer for the change you wish to have, to occur. Listen to the sounds of the songbird during times of constructive thought – that will hold the clue for some of you to what to do next. If you say to yourself “Is this what Phoenix means?” – the answer is ‘Yes’

Get your creative juices flowing…. Now!

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled The Birds Next 3 of Forces

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