Reading starting 13th Dec – 19th December 2019

Well isn’t this an interesting card as we move into the end of the year needing to embrace what we have learned to date, or even reflect on, as we determine what we take into the new ahead. Consider this week a week of tying up those loose ends that may have challenged/troubled you this year. Don’t not be soo caught up in ensuring you capture everything – come on we still have survive the silly energy of this time, but you do need to be rising up to your preferred ‘occasion’ so you can embrace the good stuff with ease.

Sure this may be a huge week of pondering ‘where to now’ as the path before you may feel a little unknown and unsure – however things are not as dark as they may appear into the beyond where you aren’t quite able to see it….

Currently, right at this moment, you will be bringing a lot of what you already know – into the realm of what you are about to explore so do not concern yourself about readiness. Now the path ahead may not be as straight forward as you would like, but if you develop a who cares attitude then you will find some incredible treasures along the way on your journey. There is going to be a lot of fun this week but you may need to laugh at the human silly that wants to embrace you through the actions of others and the outcomes of some situations – you do not need to buy into it okay – just bounce away and not own it if you know deep in your heart that issues sometimes belong to others rather than things placing responsibility on your shoulders.

You may need to squirrel away a little money to the side because there could be need for some unexpected finances in the not too distant future. We know that can be a challenge at this time of year for money to be put aside but any little bit will help, even if it is only $20. Trust your instincts here for you know the right amount.

If you know that next year you are about to embark on something that you feel as though is new to you, it is time to tap into the wealth of knowledge, networking and energy that you have acquired over this year. For many this year has been about laying foundations and getting rid of that which no longer works for you and although that is a common mantra for me, then you will be starting to listen to it…this week will reveal to sum the validation of this so watch for the signs.

This week it is time for flexibility to change, and we understand that many resist this for a vast amount of reasons but if you are flexible and confident in the journey ahead then nothing that is thrown at you this week will phase you because you know ‘You Got This’ – feel that energy and allow it to embrace you with all tasks that you find yourself involved with. Many are coming together to help you this to take away that ‘isolated ‘feeling that you could have had lately. It is nice to know that you have a support network when you need it so ensure that you tell people this.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘ 8 of Scrolls – Paths Unknown.

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