Reading Starting 12th July – 18th July 2019


Many of you have been running around like headless chickens attempting to determine what is the right thing to do and when. Well this week begs of you to truly settle into the list of things you are involved in and prioritize so that you can commit the right amount of energy to each. Reason why we say this is because if you spread yourself thin, then there is a chance that something is overlooked, not to mention that you may be completely successful in its outcome if you do not allocate the right amount of time and energy and thought around each task.

Those of you who have been questioning a relationship whether it is to do with friendship, family or a love interest – this is a make or break time. Remember all people must meet you half way either energetically or emotionally because if they are unable then our question to you is ‘ Is this long term and something that you can truly 100% commit too’ – the same could be said for a situation or project that you are working on, but there is some definite tweaking energy for peoples relationship this week. Try to find some common ground so each person can play their part towards a mutually beneficial commitment. One person cannot do all the work and if they do then resentment may rear their head.

Keep the communication lines open and remember the reason why people are in your life, because there is a focus about it that surrounds and generates love within you – whether it is love towards a person or the love of an action or situation. You will be given some hints about how to progress clearly this week – for it will be shown to you in obvious ways. If you miss it means that your heart is not fully present in what is truly going on here.

This week you may also be reminded that self-honoring is an important healing process that people must acknowledge to help them move past a previous upset. So, treat yourself, do something that lifts your spirit – take some much-needed time out because many of you are burning the midnight oil at times.

An opportunity for advancement this week if you manage to stay focused noticing the things you love and enjoy. If you have been expecting the possibility of a promotion, then keep your ear to the ground so that you can earn brownie points in various ways. Be noticed in a positive way so people can learn to appreciate you and what you do. Sometimes it is easy to be ignored if you are doing things behind the scenes.

Make sure that you allow other peoples gratitude to swim over your heart and mind to help you once gain – to lift your spirit. It is very nice to feel wanted and appreciated. Although the latter occurs infrequently – if you have self-honored enough you know that you are truly worth life’s treasures. Allow them to come to you this week – please. Do not be stubborn and decline gifts as they come. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to be excited.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled “1 of Roses’ – Commitment

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