Reading starting 11th Oct – 17th October 2019

Now as progressive as last week felt, this week is to ensure that you do not fall back into old habits that can be filled with subtle self-sabotaging thoughts, actions or in some case; inaction. If you have come across any obstacles this week, which you may – firstly take a breath and know that this is ‘not a bad sign’ or ‘it’s not done TOO you. Perhaps it is an opportunity to try a different approach or to fast the obstacle head on to show people that you are determined and capable.

There really good thing with this week is that you can get people on board to assist you because you do realise that you do not have to everything for everyone or thing, but you can ask for support or even the man power to do some tasks to keep you focused on the goal rather than the problems you may face this week. Try not to micromanage for it does not allow others to help you think outside of the square or to reveal alternatives.

This week try and ‘See the Forest for the trees’, observe and navigate others then keep stepping back to view the bigger picture. If you get caught up in details this week you will forget why you are doing the things you are. Always in the back of the mind is your goal – and hope that the universe will assist you to ensure it manifests.

Prepare to experience some mechanical mishaps this week although you will have the means to deal with them even though you may be frustrated with it. This in no way stops your plans but you may have to ask for assistance which for some this is something that you are not comfortable with. Deep down you know that you do a lot for others so it is time to cash in their time to help you.

Even though this week on this surface feels annoying *laughs* you are being surrounded by energies that are going to provide little whispers of guidance and shedding some light on how to make things better. Those random thoughts of action please follow through. Those warm feelings of support; embrace them. Remember that you are capable for you are being given the guidance and the opportunity right now. Take it.

This week you are being encouraged to have a ‘can do ‘attitude even though it may feel as though things are stopping you. Ignore them. Remember the ways you de-stress; whether you enjoy walks in nature, meditation, listening to music, or reading a good book. You may have to count to 10 every now and then but do it with a smile on your face because sometimes these annoyances are ridiculous *laughs*.

In amongst the human silly please make time this week to do things that you enjoy. It is very easy to get caught up in the idiocy that we lose track of that which lifts our spirits up. So make time for YOU and do something that you enjoy, even if it is a relaxing bath or just ‘being’.

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘4 of Keys; Clearing the way (reversed)

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