Reading Starting 10th Jan – 16th Jan 2020

Everyone has within them, the ability to follow through towards anything that they are passionate about and have a focus on. This week you are strongly encouraged to think about what you hope to achieve in the near future, as well as just pushing through the daily experience to learn some snippet of newness each day. This week is about embracing the new so if you are given the opportunity then grab it with both hands. It has presented because you are ready. Have zero doubts or questions about how, just say yes and then allow the excitement to build.

You may have a dialogue with someone who is wanting advice, and although you can see what the right thing to do is for this person, they may not be willing to hear it. This is more about them than what is the right thing to say, just trust in your instincts please. Eventually what you say will seed, and start to flower and then perhaps the person will have a sudden aha moment based on the conversation that you both had this week.

Have you ever done scrying before? Okay I know this is an odd thing to say during a reading but light a candle and rest your eyes on the flame for it may reveal something to you that you did not realise was a ‘thing’. Try not to over think this right now, but as you settle – take notice of how you feel as you sit with the candle or flame and what types of thoughts and visions may come your way. For some you will have something reveal over and above once again what you thought a certain way about. You will gather insight and perhaps a solution to a problem that has been eluding you.

You may find that many people will be contemplative this week almost to the point that you think that they are not listening to you which may make you feel a little frustrated but seedlings are being planted, you just have to be patient. The same thing may be happening to you where you are questioning your own actions or behaviours that you would like to improve, so follow through with the direction that feels right for you at this time.

This is a great week to be around like minded people where you realise that you are not alone as you thought you were – so allow yourself to immerse in same-same people that think the way that you do and have conversations similar to that which you enjoy. Allow your mind and heart to be stimulated by good discussion and energy. You may find that if you have been in the student role that you will have a lot to share and perhaps teach with those that you consider wise and learned. They too will enjoy what you have to say if they are good ‘teachers’, because are all exploring and learning with each passing moment. Steer clear of those who think they are above reproach or listening to those they deem lesser. That is a whole lot of NOPE for me indeed. I love to learn by everything and everyone. Everyone has a unique approach and insight on things

Phoenix Paton using Klinger & Taylor’s ‘The Akashic Tarot’ – card pulled ‘11 The Ark of the Covenant’

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