Perfection Is You!

There is an understanding amongst many that to embrace your potential you must be ready to receive it – and that is a lovely thing for you to work on, for that we acknowledge.

However if you stand idly by in wait, you are placing a waiting shield around you and that shield can actually bounce away that which is attempting to claim you, for it is your want to progress however in wait you look sometimes for perfection.

Look at how you define perfection – is there a checklist for you to go down before allowing? Does perfection appear a certain way? What methods do you use to reveal perfection in your life – do you base it on what you see in others? How can you find perfection in others if you are working on perfection for YOU

Are your methods of attaining perfection what others have used in the past – remember this is Your definition of perfection – not others – so why use their methods ?

Your appearance of perfection is truly based on a Soul description rather than a human one so if your human definition is looking for it, you truly may miss your soul definition of it.

What is on your checklist if you have allowed it to be there ? Ask yourself why it is there in the first place? If it is there based on the above techniques then be mindful of judgment, illusion, confusion and comparison to others for that will almost all lead most astray.

So do most of you who seek perfection seek only to be clones of others that you consider perfect?

Such a weird word – Perfect – when you break it down it really is a sum of your parts dancing as one whole. Where the many aspects of you come together to form an inner and outer expression of desire. Oh sure there are some who do not have the body of perfection according to social assessment but yet they have reached a state of Inner Self Perfection.

There are those who intellectually have not had the perfect SOCIAL education, or even the education that they may receive with life experience – however they have wisdom beyond their human natural lives that have brought their awareness into light in their current life, tapping into this amazing innateness of understanding to allow a perfect progression of Wisdom.

There are many things that people believe needs to be in place before considering something is ‘the perfect time’ to move forward, or a person is the ‘perfect; one for them – so take stock of your inner perfection for that never wavers from the moment you are born, to the moment you transition from one life back to Source.

Interesting concept for we can assure you – one individuals definition of perfection is very different to another’s – and then one individuals SELF perfection is very different to what they believe is Holistic perfection in their life.

Something to consider for there are so many layers.

So we ask you – what would you consider perfect for You? knowing that it is a fluid state of movement rather than a stagnant one moment definition.

Cheron, channeled partner of Phoenix Paton

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