Past Life – and its discoveries

I have noticed that many are wanting to tap into their previous lives that may or may not have influence over their current life. I have heard people talking about past life connection or regression and what I am saying is that each and everyone have an intimate link to the very thing that you are wanting to tap into.

Taking a journey into the past is like going for a walk down memory lane, this not just in your mind of your current life, it’s more that you allow previous lives to come forward. Spirit and your team show you what may be needed at the current time to help you either understand why you react, feel or are a certain way. There may also be reasons why you have certain physical or emotional pain and what lessons from previous lifetimes are useful for you to fulfill your highest purpose in your current life. Permission is required for you to take this journey so prepare yourself and say out loud.

“I am ready to be shown the way of my past lives that will guide me for my current. May my guides and Light Masters please stand by me during this journey in love, and light, for my greatest good”

(Taken from Lesson one of Phoenix Past Life Course ©)

Understanding our Soul experience is important with regard to the many lives that we have experienced. Because we are human and think in linear terms – we consider other lives ‘ past’ however we have come to realise that we can have many lives existing concurrently. When we assess current responses to our life of Now – the responses may be due to other ‘life’ experiences. It can be a little challenging to wrap our linear minds around a multiverse of experiences your Soul will be experiences.

Our experiences may be another Human form, or from another star system or even another dimension. I have often wondered if we have walked as another animal on this planet and I remember a time of doing a past life reading for another – I saw a whale !!!  Then I experienced another who I saw their ‘lives between lives’ where they were reviewing another life. Oh boy that was trippy I tell you!

So when exploring our previous/many lives it is important to be very open to all possibilities.

To really confuse the situation with regard to your past life – there is an aspect about Linear time for humans that is not in conjunction with the infinite flow of existence. As in all things all occur at once. Past , Present , Future all occurs at once alongside the multi life experiences you have had. Mind blowing!!  of course !

This is why as I have grown to understand – the term ‘Past Life’ is more accurately termed as “Perceived life of the moment”. Your current incarnation is experiencing a perceived understanding of what is happening around you, from moment to moment.

When we tap into other ‘perceived moments’ (past lives) that occurs concurrently, it makes sense that some emotions, aspects, lessons , and situations feel familiar for you from time to time in this life.

There are varied definitions of the term ‘karma’ and to be honest,  I do not see it as a cause/effect / payback system that some people perceive it to be. However I do see it as an opportunity to experience things from the opposite of the fence – so to speak. Those that talk about karmic debt – are really connecting to the variation of lesson similarly to a previous incarnation to make more in-depth sense to the situation from perhaps a differing point of view. You have a choice to quickly understand OR it takes longer because of your unwillingness to break a pattern to bring about the required lesson. Therein it feels like a punishment but when you pass over you will see that it was just a method of learning and understanding.

So when journeying to the many lives that you have, whatever you are experiencing will be a reflection for what to focus on within your current life. This is why it is important to know that you are going through a phase of remembrance, rather than learning new skills or gaining more knowledge. It is all there within your soul ‘spark’, that connects to your Higher Self and OverSoul.

There was once a time where I connected with a persons unperceived life and lo and behold they were swimming in the sea as a whale. Well you can imagine my surprise and my logical brain go – WHAAAAT?!?. There was another time where I was surrounded by light , and the person I was connected with was ethereal and seeking to find someone.

Essentially what I am saying here is that our perceived lives that we have is not necessarily here on mother earth. You were not always a human being. You have been other things. However what I have been informed is that exploration of that human host and their experiences generally flows amongst many lives for the lesson for that Soul.

There comes a time where you no longer need to be incarnated and are there to be Soul Spirit either as a guide or as Source Teacher/Healer for the preferred life being that you have had personal experience as.

This is one of the reasons why we have the many lives – to further our effectiveness and efficiency as a Guide/Teacher/Healer during our Soul evolution.

oh please feel free to discern – my logical brain still attempts to make sense of the ‘multiple lives’ ethos however I have been informed that humans attempt to quantify and make sense when the simple term for all our experiences are that ” It is what It is”

Phoenix © ( I think Cheron, my channeling partner(s) came in a few times here as well.. bless them).

P.S  I teach people how to connect to their own past lives and others so if you are interested in this course then please email me on and we can discuss this more.

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