Light shines brighest in the shadow

Mindfulness is the key to understanding yourself and others with a certain degree of compassion and rational thinking. Everyone responds differently to stress and when we take a degree of responsibility for what we ‘put out there’ then you will find that you will not buy into other energies as easily.

What we experience in life is primarily illusion created to make you think and feel one way but many of you are starting to ‘see’ things clearly. Viewing the Truth both within and without takes practice and acknowledgement of the good, the bad, and the beautiful!! All of those concepts flow within you. No one person is perfectly free of shadow, we embrace the free flowing energies that come from your soul spark, your higher self, your over-soul, and the Divine collective.

You owe it to yourself to care enough about You and others to do the work necessary to bring things into focus, into clarity. The best way to see Truth – is to quietly sit amongst nature, embrace Mother earth – allow her to bring you the reality up close and personal. You are part of this planet, you are part of this Universe. As above, so below. The beautiful creative energies of the feminine flows through each and everything on our planet. It is a dance, of sorts, where there is a flow of giving and receiving. Balance cannot always be perfectly obtained but the action(s) you do that maintain this balancing dance is the key to ensuring that you are connected to all things equally.

Please remember that the feelings of isolation are an illusion, the feelings of separateness is old paradigm, we are moving into the collective awareness of Oneness. See things for how they really are – do not buy into that which is illusion. Practice by understanding your chosen state and bringing to light what energies you wish to be around.

When things appear to be falling apart they are only allowing you to rethink , restart and re-establish so that you may start again and allow things to fall in to place –the correct place – for your direction and path. It really does feel that your foundations that have been holding you up amongst the challenges of life are no longer there for you to stand on that makes you feel like you have some semblance of control and gather strength from.

The reason why this happens is because there needs to be a tweak, for want of a better word, in how things are progressing as you go. There are certain parameters that your soul self decided on before you were incarnated and although in saying that it may appear to you that you do not have control when you are aware of the patterns surrounding you and how you move forward in life – then you will find that strength comes from above and below – rather than from the many things that are surrounding your life – even the way you look and feel about it.


Today, as you experience the roller coaster of daily life, identify something that frustrated you or you felt limited the progress of something that you wanted to see improved.

  1. How did you deal with it?

  2. Would you like to change how you responded/felt ?

  3. What lesson(s) did you gain from it?

  4. Would you respond different if a similar situation happens again?

With life challenge(s) we sometimes respond in automatic ways that we have been taught/conditioned too over the years. But we can unlearn what we have been taught through choice and awareness. Today is time of breath before act, thought before response – and see how much progression you have, and how it makes you feel in this approach. This takes practice – conscious awareness and conscious response – but it eventually becomes automatic with time.

What is it that you learn from your dark times, or those moments when you explore the inner most recesses of your psyche? Do you really need to choose to dwell on the negative aspects. Do you think that darkness is just about negative? Actually it is about the duality of you, and what it is that reveal’s itself as you explore the shadow.

For just when you think you are consumed by the night, that a shining stars or moon or light shows you the way. Reminding you of the choice to remove yourself into spaces that makes you feel empowered, respected, understood!

Take a quiet moment to feel the support from many that surround you. Remember being alone is an illusion and once you realise this then you will never feel so isolated again even when  reflecting on your inner circles.

Take a focused look at things in your life and ascertain what it is you would like , and what it is you do not like. Then shift yourself into your chosen state and act according to this. If it feels right – do it , if it feels wrong – don’t. As simplistic as that is remember that which lifts you up, fills you up with joy – that IS your shining light that guides you. Even that which on the surface appears wrong , chaotic, or destructive is actually evolutionary , bringer of opportunity and collectiveness.

Remember that which empowers you. Let nothing take you away from your happiness. Can you remember what it is to be happy? I meet many who cannot think of one thing so in this week ahead lovelies, focus about your INTERNAL happiness. Most people that seek happiness externally always end up disappointed. Happiness is generated within so that the reality around you can match it.

Phoenix Paton©

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